About Rates

About Rates

All ratepayers in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will be sent an annual rate notice at the beginning of the financial year. It will state the rates due for the financial year, as well as the cost of waste collection and sewerage maintenance.

A sewerage rate based on a specific area is levied to ensure the City’s sewerage system is maintained. Separate charges are made for rubbish collection.
Local Authority Rates are a levy based upon Gross Rental Values and Unimproved Values, determined by the Valuer General.
Rates are calculated by multiplying 2 values, subject to a minimum rate:
  •  Gross rental value of the property
  •  Rate in the dollar value
To allow for more equitable distribution of the total rate burden, a minimum rate is applied. A minimum rate will be set for properties assessed on both the Gross Rental Valuation formula and the Unimproved Valuation formula. A minimum rate ensures that every property makes a contribution to providing services and facilities for the community.

Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of a property. New owners and those transferring ownership do have a legal responsibility to inform local authorities when a change in ownership or the address for service of notice occurs. 

Rates pay for facilities and services provided by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, including William Grundt Memorial Library, Eastern Goldfields Community Centre, Goldfields Art Centre, Goldfields Oasis, Kalgoorlie Golf Course, Kalgoorlie and Boulder Town Halls, roads, street lights, footpaths, infant health centres, parks and reserves.

What is a Gross Rental Value
The Gross rental value (GRV) is an estimate of the rent a property could earn in a year. Vacant properties are valued at 5% of the current market price of the entire property.

Each property's GRV is determined by Landgate, an independent agency of the Western Australian Government, and reviewed every 4 years. The most recent review was undertaken in 2015/16. The next review is scheduled for 2019/20.

Property valuations are sent from Landgate to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and we are not able to alter the GRV without the advice of Landgate.

To check the accuracy of the GRV (found in the top right of the rates notice), divide the total by 52. This should give you the weekly rental rate of the property, as determined by Landgate.

If you wish to dispute the value of your property, and thus your rate payment, please visit the Landgate Website which provides more information, including a downloadable Objections to valuation form. Hardcopies of the form are also available at the City's Administration Office.

The completed objection form must be lodged within 60 days of the issue of your annual rate notice.
Rate in the dollar value
The rate in the dollar value is set by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Council as part of the annual budget. The budget process determines the cost of all our services, facilities and operations, and thus the total amount of revenue required.

About 30% of our total income comes from rates, with the rest coming from interest, grants, fees and charges, and reserve transfers. The rate in dollar is then calculated based on the income required to be raised, and the total value of all the properties in the City.

Objections cannot be made against the rate in the dollar value or other charges levied by the Council.
Differential Rating
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s aim is to ensure that rate revenue is collected on an equitable basis from all properties. For this reason Council has adopted differential rates for the 2017/18 financial year.

Differential rating allows Council flexibility in the level of rates being raised from specifically identified properties or groups of properties within the community. It is common for councils to base differential rating for properties on Town Planning Scheme zonings however other criteria such as land use may be used.

The rates in the dollar ($) for GRV & UV rate categories are calculated to provide the shortfall in revenue required to make up the budget deficiency to enable the City to provide the level and range of works and services required in the 2017/18 financial year after taking into account all non-rate sources of revenue.
Gross Rental Values (GRV)
GRV – Residential 6.3713 cents per $, with minimum rate of $891.00
GRV – Central Business 6.6894 cents per $, with minimum rate of $891.00
GRV – General Industry 7.2231 cents per $, with minimum rate of $891.00
GRV – Mining 4.5931 cents per $, with minimum rate of $891.00
GRV – Other Properties 7.1347 cents per $, with minimum rate of $891.00
Unimproved Value (UV)
UV - Mining Operations 18.0424 cents per $, with minimum rate of $386.00
UV - Exploration/Prospecting 18.0400 cents per $, with minimum rate of $277.00
UV - Pastoral 7.5658 cents per $, with minimum rate of $277.00
Emergency Services Levy (ESL)
The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is a State Government charge applicable to all properties in WA, which is invoiced and collected by local governments on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The ESL provides the majority of funding required for career and volunteer Fire & Emergency Services brigades, DEFS multi-function brigades/units, Bush Fire brigades and State Emergency Service units.
The amount of ESL to be collected, and the applicable rates and charging parameters, are declared annually by the Minister for Emergency Services.
For more information please refer to the ESL section of the DFES website or enquire on (08) 9395 9300.
Sanitation Charges (rubbish collection)
The sanitation charge covers a 240 litre bin collected weekly and a 240 litre yellow lid re-cycling bin collected fortnightly.

2017/18 Rubbish Bin Charges (per annum)
Domestic Refuse/Recycling Service $351.00
Commercial Refuse Service $351.00
Additional Refuse Service $351.00
Additional Recycling Service $155.00
Sewerage and Utility Services
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will charge sewerage rates to the owner of land (including vacant land) where wastewater services are available for connection.
Utility services (i.e water closets, pedestals, slophoppers, U.R.C) are made against the owner or occupier of the land to which the services are available or supplied.
2017/18 Utility Service Charges (per annum)
Pedestals $381.00
Water Closets $381.00
Slophoppers $381.00
U.R.C $381.00

Pensioners and Seniors

If you hold a valid Concession Card you could qualify for a rebate or a deferment on paying your rates.

To qualify, ratepayers must meet all the following criteria:

  • You must be the owner and occupier of the property at 1 July 2017; and
  • You must hold a valid Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card, WA Seniors Card or both a WA Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.
  • Ratepayers meeting the above criteria must pay their portion of the general rates, sewerage area rates, Emergency Services Levy, rubbish charge and all arrears by 30 June 2018 to claim a rebate.

It is not possible to get an extension to pay the rebate amount after 30 June 2018.

How do I apply for a pensioner/senior rebate?

  • Contact the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 to complete a telephone application. The Water Corporation will then forward a copy of your completed application to the City
  • Complete an application online and the Water Corporation will then forward a copy of your completed application to the City, or
  • Bring your concession card to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder administration office during office hours to register
The concession will apply from the date your application is received by the Water Corporation.

Partial concessions are available to pensioners and seniors who become eligible during the financial year. The partial concession will apply from the date your application is received by the Water Corporation.

 Is there a maximum rebate amount for pensioners/seniors?

Pensioners who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 50% of the current years general rates, sewerage and Emergency Services Levy subject to *capping conditions.

* As of 2017/18 the State Government has approved a capping for pensioners that is the lesser of $750 or 50% on rates. Sewerage charges have also been capped at $436.15.

Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25% of the current years general rates, sewerage and Emergency Services Levy. The rates rebate for seniors is capped to a maximum amount of $100.00 and $72.69 for sewerage charges for the 2017/18 financial year. There is no maximum or capped amount for the seniors rebate for the Emergency Services Levy.


What happens if my circumstances change or I no longer receive a pension?

Please notify us immediately if your circumstances change, particularly with respect to:

  • Card type (senior to a pensioner)
  • Ownership of property
  • Status change (ineligible or no longer hold that card)

Am I eligible to defer my rates?

If you receive a 50% pensioner rebate for the property you may defer paying your rates until the property is sold or you no longer reside at the property.

  • Seniors and part pensioners are not entitled to defer their rates
  • Deferred rates are charged at the full value, not the reduced (50%) rate
  • All charges and levies can be deferred however rubbish and service charges must be paid in full by the end of each financial year
  • Deferred rates only become payable at such a time that you either sell your property or cease to reside at the property, even if you are no longer a current pensioner

Please contact the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder if you wish to arrange a suitable payment arrangement on deferred rates.