Online resources

Access a number of online resources using your William Grundt Memorial Library membership card number.

The William Grundt Memorial Library provides a number of online databases for members of all ages and interests—whether children or adults, fiction or non-fiction, learners or avid readers.


Online Computer Tutorials

As a valued library member we would like to extend to you, free access to one of our newly added library services: Technology Training Directory (TTD). is an online computer training organisation that specialises in easy-access online computer education.

Register and you can instantly access (24/7), a powerful database that provides a direct, secure link, to more than 6,000 Technology Tutorials, offering - immediate, quick-lesson education.

Come on in to the library and the staff will get you started!

The Technology Training Directory contains thousands of comprehensive technology training tutorials, with more continually being added. Tutorials have been developed by the original program/app manufacturers or other selected third parties and include easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions covering an extensive and varied range of "How do I ?" learning topics;

Computer Basics; Internet Security, Microsoft
Windows OS; XP, 7, 8 ... Office 2013, 2011
Apple OSX; 2010, 2007
Apple; Mac, iPads, iPhones, iPods, SmartTV’s
Android; Tablets, SmartPhones, SmartTV’s
Google; Gmail, Search, Chrome, Maps, Images, Picasa, Translator, Scholar, Blogger, +Plus, Drive, Groups
Social Media; FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Skype, Blogs ... and so much more.

Borrow Box


Borrow, Download and Enjoy here… Your library in one app!

What’s BorrowBox? Your library in one app! BorrowBox enables users to borrow, download and enjoy eBooks and eAudiobooks from their local library. Library members can access their favourite titles wherever they go with the BorrowBox mobile app.

BorrowBox is the world’s most advanced digital library app. It can be used online and with Apple iOS and Google Android devices, incorporating a dedicated eBook reader and eAudiobook player. Designed and powered by Bolinda digital, BorrowBox is elegant and intuitive. Get the app now from the App Store and Google Play and start borrowing, downloading and enjoying eBooks and eAudiobooks today. 

BorrowBox, enables local library members to browse and borrow bestselling eBooks and eAudiobooks on any device for limited periods through digital loans. And thanks to the BorrowBox mobile app for Apple iOS and Android devices, you can now borrow, download and enjoy eBooks and eAudiobooks wherever you go. 

Come in and get your library membership, or update your existing membership to give you free access to these resources and more. This helpful BorrowBox User Guide (PDF) will help you in getting and install the BorrowBox app. For more information on BorrowBox, please call the library on 9021 7112 or you can email


TumbleBooks introduces young children to the joys of reading with its delightful collection of animated, talking picture books.

This subscription has been provided through our Better Beginnings program.

Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet, formerly known as Intrepica, is a play-based online literacy resource for children of all ages and ability.

Children and parents can select from more than 10,000 high-quality activities to develop various language skills in a fun, exciting and safe online environment, including:

  •  Pre-reading skills
  •  Phonics
  •  Reading
  •  Spelling
  •  Vocabulary
  •  Grammar
  •  Comprehension

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica Online Library Edition is an excellent resource for students, parents and teachers.

Topics can be searched and presented according to the user’s age group, ensuring that the results are suitable for all stages of learning.

Other databases

The State Library of Western Australia provides members of the William Grundt Memorial Library with a whole range of other online resources on their eResources at home for public library members page.