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Find out about the Community Assistance Scheme and how it supports the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's mission statement and community development strategic direction.

Community development strategic direction

The City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Strategic Plan focuses on five Community Aspirations:

  • Community - enhance the quality of life and encourage city wide development opportunities
  • Economy - boost opportunities for economic development and tourism
  • Infrastructure - enhance the built environment and provide quality infrastructure
  • Leadership - ensure the City maintains strong civic leadership
  • Environment - protect and where possible enhance the natural environment

Community Assistance Scheme

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is committed to ongoing support of community projects and programs through our Community Assistance Scheme.

The aim of the Community Assistance Scheme (CAS) is to engage the community in supporting the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s mission statement and Community Development Strategic Direction.

The CAS strengthens and enhances the social wellbeing, development and sustainability of the community by providing funds and in-kind support to community-based organisations and exceptional individuals.

The three programs under the scheme are:

Please download the Community Assistance Scheme guidelines (PDF) for more information on:

  •  Purpose of the CAS
  •  Definitions and categories
  •  Applications
  •  General criteria
  •  Assessment and approval process
  •  Disbursement of grants
  •  Evaluation and acquittal
  •  Review of funding criteria
  •  Other funding sources
  •  Internet community development and planning tools websites.

To access the Community Assistance Scheme Guidelines click here

For enquiries, please contact:

Community Development Unit
Tel: +61 8 9021 9600