Street trees

Find out about the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's verge tree planting program, as well as how to request for removal or pruning of street trees.

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Planting of trees on verges

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder aims to provide each property with trees for planting on street verges, at a rate of 1 tree per 10 m of verge. However, as tree stocks may be limited, supply cannot be guaranteed.

The tree species will be chosen by the City to match the streetscape, as well as safety, obstructions, litter, aesthetics and other concerns. Pending availability, trees will be delivered to the property within 1 week, along with a facts sheet containing general information on planting and maintenance.

Ratepayers and developers may nominate a tree species, however it will be the responsibility of the applicant to supply and maintain these plants in such circumstances

Tree requests must be lodged as a verge development application. Species names must be provided to assess the suitability of your selection. Please contact your local nursery for advice on selecting trees for your verge.

Planting and watering of street trees is the responsibility of the ratepayer.

To request a tree, please contact the Horticultural Officer at +61 8 9021 9680 or by email.
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Removal of street trees

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder reserves the right to remove any street tree without notification if it poses a hazard to the public or a property or interferes with public services.

Ratepayers, developers, and public service providers may also request the removal of street tree, which must be done as a verge application.

Approval will only be granted if it meets certain criteria, such as:

  •  A City inspector considers the tree a hazard to the public.
  •  The tree is a justified nuisance to the public or service providers.
  •  The tree interferes with public services.
  •  Removal is necessary for installation of public service infrastructure.
  •  Removal is absolutely necessary for land development purposes.

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Pruning of street trees

Street trees may only be pruned by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's staff, or a nominated contractor.

Wilful or indiscriminate damage to street trees will be regarded as a serious breach, and penalties may be applied to the extent of the law.

Requests for pruning of street trees may be sent to Engineering Services. A qualified City officer will inspect the tree to determine the urgency of the request and arrange action as necessary.

For more information, please download our Street trees policy (PDF).  
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