In this section, learn about what the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is doing to reduce it's water consumption, and what you can do at home to reduce yours!

What Can You Do At Home?


  • Installing water saving shower heads and tap fittings can save up to half of the water used by older fittings
  • Putting a timer in your shower and limiting your showers to 4 minutes will save considerable amounts of water. Every minute you reduce your shower by will save between 9 and 20 litres of water depending on your shower head
  • Installing a standard 2,000 litre rainwater tank can save up to 26,000 litres of water each year for use on your garden. These savings can be increased up to 59,000 litres a year if the tank is plumbed in for internal uses such as clothes washing or toilet flushing. All rainwater tanks require connection to a bubble up pit and any rainwater tanks over 5,000 litres require a building permit.
  • Only washing with a full load can reduce the number of loads of washing you need to do. One load of washing uses approximately 120 litres of water


  • Mulching your garden will not only mean your garden requires less water, but it will help prevent weeds, provide additional nutrients to the soil and encourage worms which help to aerate fertilise the soil.
  • Planting native plant species will ensure that your garden requires less water to thrive. It will also help support local native wildlife by providing them with suitable food and habitats.
  • Creating a waterwise verge garden is a great way to reduce your water consumption. A waterwise verge requires much less time and maintenance than a verge lawn and if mulched correctly, won’t need to be weeded anywhere near as much. Converting a verge lawn into a waterwise and attractive garden is not difficult or expensive. Contact the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to find out how on 9021 9617.

South Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder owns and operates the wastewater treatment facility on the Goldfields Highway in South Boulder. This facility collects all of the residential wastewater generated in Kalgoorlie and Boulder through the sewers and treats it to create a reusable product. Each year the plant receives approximately 2.5 gigalitres of wastewater, which equates to approximately 7 megalitres, or nearly 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools a day. This water is treated and then used to keep Kalgoorlie and Boulder’s parks and reserves lush and green, drastically reducing the City’s consumption of drinking water. Without this recycled water, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder would not have any green parks for residents to enjoy! The City conducts group tours of the plant for members of the public, if you would like to organise a tour, please call Waste and Sustainability Services on 9021 9617.

South Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant


                             Aerators working hard at the South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Plant

CKB Achieves WaterWise Council Accreditation

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a long history of implementing water conserving initiatives throughout the city, and thanks to its ongoing commitment to water conservation, has achieved the Water Corporation’s WaterWise Council accreditation. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was officially awarded WaterWise Council status on the 28th July 2014. This accreditation is used by the Water Corporation and the Department of Water to recognise local governments that make significant reductions in water consumption and commit to continually monitor and improve water use behaviour. This is an involved process and will see the City’s water consumption reduce further over time.

Examples of water-saving initiatives already implemented by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder include:

  • Using treated effluent water to irrigate parks, reserves and the golf course
  • Implementing an efficient watering schedule for parks and reserves still using scheme water
  • Detected and fixed a number of significant leaks across the City
  • Waterless urinals installed at the Airport, Community Centre and Administration Building
  • Water saving fittings installed on taps and showerheads at facilities across the City





The City's latest water saving initiative will see the Administration Building gardens switch from using scheme water for irrigation to using recycled water from the City's wastewater treatment plant. This will save approximately 2.5 million litres of scheme water each year.