Sunset at the Soundshell 2017

Sunset at the Soundshell Free Concert Series 2017


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28 JANUARY 2017

11 FEBRUARY 2017


25 FEBRUARY 2017

Sweetwood-Mac-Casual-2-Sept-2013-Medium-Res.jpg"Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band" pay tribute to the legendary Fleetwood Mac at Sunset at the Soundshell!

Performing classic hits like ‘Big Love’, ‘Don't Stop’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Edge of Seventeen’ (White Winged Dove), ‘Everywhere’, ‘Gypsy’, ‘Hold Me’, ‘Landslide’, ‘Little Lies’, ‘No Questions Asked’, ‘Over my Head’, ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Second Hand News’, ‘Seven Wonders’, ‘The Chain’, ‘Think About Me’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’ this tribute band will not disappoint. 

Take a listen here.


Rusted Strings - Marcus McGuire & Laura Meachim

Rusted Strings was formed in late 2016 on a verandah in Hannan's, when Kalgoorlie musician Marcus McGuire brought out a guitar and Laura Meachim began to sing. The impromptu performance led to more discussions and later, Rusted Strings was formed. With acoustic style covers of both old and new music of an eclectic mix of blues, pop and rock the duo will be debuting their first performance at the Sunset in the Soundshell concert series.

Nick Costa and the Stray Crows

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Costa found his niche performing as a soloist in Aussie Pubs which he has been doing since he was 17 years old. Now with a full band, the same imperative drives his music today as it did then: to energise, entertain, and move an audience. Whether it's a poignant lullaby like 'Lucy, Come On Over', a visceral rock anthem like 'Break Me', or the unashamed exuberance in 'Run Run Run’, Nick's music nothing other than a celebration of life; the up’s and down’s; the wins as well as the losses; the times when you have no idea where you’re going as well as the times when you suddenly do. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 


11 MARCH 2017

Nathaniel-Yours-cover.jpgNathaniel might have tasted success in Australia but he’s a global citizen with global aspirations, and he intends to stay that way.

Nathaniel first made an impact in Australia when he sailed through to the Top 6 of The X Factor with his soulful, soaring vocals.

That momentum rewarded Nathaniel in 2013 with a national Top 5 debut single ‘You’, a song that demonstrated his signature vocals and was eventually accredited with double platinum sales. Nathaniel released several more successful singles, including the up tempo funk hit ‘Live Louder’, which repeated the Top 5 multi-platinum success of his debut, and showcased his incredible versatility and his refusal to be boxed into a particular genre.

unnamed-1.jpgNathaniel propelled his momentum when he released his debut album ‘Yours’, and not only did it ascend to the Top 5 of the Australian charts in late 2015 and attract widespread critical acclaim, but it also showcased Nathaniel’s song writing skills. Nathaniel co-writes all of his songs, stating, “Writing music is definitely one of the best outlets for me to release all of my emotions.”

Nathaniel is passionate, focused, and ready to elevate his career to the next level. “I don’t believe in limitations”, he says, “I’m a big dreamer, so I want to keep pushing myself.” He is currently working with international writers and producers, and continually exploring his creativity. While his vision is limitless, the world is his oyster.

Take a listen to Nathaniel here.

Ange Leech and Michelle Meehan


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