Road Conditions

Find out what the current road conditions are, and whether there are any temporary road closures.
Date: 13/04/2015
Time: 4:00pm

This notice relates to the sections of the following roads (unsealed portion) that are within the Local Government area of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
The following road is OPEN to all vehicles up to 19.0m in length :-
  • TRANS ACCESS ROAD, EAST OF ZANTHUS (please see below)
 The following road is OPEN to all vehicles
 Please consider the following information.

Kurnalpi – Pinjin Road. The road repairs will be completed by Saturday 15 April 2017, at noon. Please exercise caution in the area of the works. Oversized vehicles are excluded from use of the Kurnalpi-Pinjin Road until Saturday 15 April 2017, at noon.

Trans Access Road. The road is being maintenance graded now. The grader is between Zanthus and Kitchener heading east. There is still 400 – 500mm of water, approx. 400m long, over the road 3km east of Zanthus. Don’t attempt to drive through it as people are now getting bogged in it. The City and the Australian Rail & Track Corporation have put in a temporary rail crossing over the rail line and a detour to be opened north of the rail starting at the Zanthus rail crossing. This detour will be available for light vehicles & trucks up to 19m (semi-trailers) in length. The detour is now open. Please obey the signage on the detour.

All other unsealed roads are open to all traffic.
Please exercise caution when travelling on sealed & unsealed roads within the City’s area as isolated weather events may affect the road conditions.
This advice will be updated when conditions change.
Please report any adverse conditions on the City’s road network to Council’s MRT via email.
Murray Percasky
Manager Roads & Transport (MRT)
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Phone: 08 9021 9615
Mobile 0418 903 131
PO Box 2042 Boulder, WA 6432