Responsibilities as a dog owner

Find out how to be a responsible dog owner through proper registration and animal welfare, consideration for other people and animals and reporting missing dogs to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Responsible dog ownership

Each year, Ranger Services answer hundreds of calls regarding stray and nuisance dogs, and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has had to rehome or euthanise a large number of these dogs, mostly because they have been abandoned.

Owning and keeping a dog is a very rewarding experience, but in return you need to have a caring and responsible attitude towards the welfare of your pet, and learn to care for its health and understand its behaviour.

The City encourages responsible dog ownership and seeks to increase the community knowledge and awareness through our school education and other programs.

Responsible dog ownership includes:

  • Registering the animal at 3 months of age and having proper collar tags at all times;
  • Treating for life-threatening diseases (check with your local vet);
  • Feeding at least once a day, with freshwater available at all times;
  • Providing adequate shade during the summer;
  • Ensuring any chains used cannot entangle the animal or on any item within reach;
  • Giving the animal at least half an hour of exercise daily, using a lead (unless in a gazetted dog exercise area);
  • Cleaning up any droppings the dog may excrete;
  • Not mistreating it or training it to attack any person or animal;
  • Having someone look after your dog when you go on holidays, and be responsible for any indiscretions of the animal; and
  • Assuring properties where dogs are housed has adequate and correct fencing to secure dogs.

Any damages or injuries incurred are the responsibility of the owner or person-in-charge of the dog at the time—including veterinarian or doctor's fees—unless it can be proved that the dog was protecting a person, other animal or property.

Please download the Responsibilities as a dog owner (PDF) information sheet  for more details.

Missing dogs

If your dog goes missing, don't just wait for it to come back. It may be causing a nuisance or have been impounded.

You should:

  • Contact Ranger services to see if it has been impounded, and to report it as missing;
  • Check and place notices on social media;
  • Check with local veterinarians and local radio stations;
  • Place notices with the media and community organisations; and
  • Check the Animal Management Facility web page daily.

Rangers who locate the missing dog may contact the owner if proper identification is on the dog's collar, otherwise it might be impounded.