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Mayor Yuryevich2015/16 Budget Overview

                        Mayors Message 2015/16 Budget

On behalf of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, I am pleased to present the 2015/16 Budget.

Council acknowledges that even though the gold price is still at a reasonable level, there appears to be a feeling of a lack of confidence in the region and in WA in general. In recognizing this, Council has been able to keep the rates down to a reasonable and realistic increase of 3.5%. 

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of the larger employers in the City, however in these difficult economic times the City must look at all options to reduce costs and as such will perform seven redundancies during the coming 12 months, three from existing vacant positions and four from potential natural attrition. Our capital works projects, totalling $30 million for the 2015/16 financial year, helps to inject cash into our local economy, ensuring that your rates directly contribute to and support our community.

During the next 12 months the Ray Finlayson Sporting Complex will be completed. The budget has $9.4 million allocated to complete the project, with the playing fields, lighting and the KCGM Pavilion the final components. The equestrian facilities are already operation and are considered to be one of the best facilities in the State. Once completed, the facility will cater for soccer, rugby, cricket and squash. The total cost of the project is in the vicinity of $18 million of which the City has been able to access grants totalling around $14 million, with the latest grant being the largest, of $6 million from the Goldfields Revitalisation Fund.

It is anticipated that we will finally be able to complete the Lord Forrest Olympic Pool project. Final approval from the Heritage Council should soon be forthcoming, which will allow the entry building to be refurbished to its former Art Deco glory. The rest of the facility will be converted into a youth space suitable as a music or performing arts area. This area will be integrated into the Kingsbury Park complex and complement the upgraded skate park. Council has allocated $2 million to complete this project. Council is also looking at a water playground for this precinct and has allocated $350,000 for this facility.

The City prides itself as family friendly with a community events program that is considered one of the best in the State. Council believes that the City’s events calendar is important in maintaining community spirit and has ensured that the Budget retains funds to continue the events from previous years, which includes the Australia Day activities, the Sunset at the Soundshell and Spotlight Town Hall concerts, the Multicultural Festival, Goldfields Kids Fest, the Art Prize, Pets Day Out and the Lighting of the Christmas tree.  In addition to this, the Youth Council hosts a substantial number of events, including Youth Fest, regular skate, scooter and BMX competitions and workshops, and school holiday activities.

Community groups are being looked after in the budget. The City will provide $700,000 for community and sporting groups, $186,000 for special event sponsorship, $260,000 for the Kalgoorlie Cemetery Board and $310,000 to Pure Gold for visitor servicing.

The budget provides $2.1 million for the relocation of the Goldfields War Museum to the old library at the Boulder Town Hall. This project will not only see the relocation of the War Museum, but will also provide a greatly enhanced display on Goldfielders’ involvement in the Wars. This should bring additional life and activity to Burt Street.

$7.7 million has been allocated to road construction projects and a further $646,000 on footpath and drainage maintenance along with $1 million for street lighting. A number of playgrounds will receive upgrades to equipment and have shade sails installed. The budget makes provision of $330,000 for these upgrades. The budget also provides for the first phase of planning for the redevelopment of Hannan Street as part of the CBD redevelopment.

Your rates help make the City a great place to live, work and play, and we look forward to another positive year as we all work towards achieving this goal. More information on the budget can be found on the City’s website www.ckb.wa.gov.au.

Mayor, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

“The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will strive to ensure that we are a dynamic regional centre with a proud history and a high quality of life. We are dedicated to working with the community to achieve the best possible services”.


Local Authority Rates are a levy based upon Gross Rental Values and Unimproved Values, determined by the Valuer General.
Rates pay for facilities and services provided by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, including William Grundt Memorial Library, Eastern Goldfields Community Centre, Goldfields Art Centre, Goldfields Oasis, Kalgoorlie Golf Course, Kalgoorlie and Boulder Town Halls, roads, street lights, footpaths, infant health centres, parks and reserves.
A sewerage rate based on a specific area is levied to ensure the City’s sewerage system is maintained. Separate charges are made for rubbish collection.


Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of a property.
New owners and those transferring ownership do have a legal responsibility to inform local authorities when a change in ownership or the address for service of notice occurs.
The City applies differential rating to Mining, General Purpose Leases, Exploration & Prospecting, and Pastoral leases. The purpose of applying these differential rates is to offer a concession to Pastoral leases that have experienced substantial valuation increases over the past few years, and continue to encourage Mining, and Exploration & Prospecting by reducing the minimum rate levied per assessment.
The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is a State Government charge applicable to all properties in WA, which is invoiced and collected by local governments on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The ESL provides the majority of funding required for career and volunteer Fire & Emergency Services brigades, DEFS multi-function brigades/units, Bush Fire brigades and State Emergency Service units.
The amount of ESL to be collected, and the applicable rates and charging parameters, are declared annually by the Minister for Emergency Services.
For more information please refer to the ESL section of the DFES website or enquire on 1300 136 099.
The sanitation charge covers a 240 litre bin collected weekly and a 240 litre yellow lid re-cycling bin collected fortnightly.
2016/17 Rubbish Bin Charges (per annum)

  • Domestic Refuse/Recycling Service     $342.00
  • Commercial Refuse Service                $342.00
  • Additional Refuse Service                  $342.00
  • Additional Recycling Service               $151.00


The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will charge sewerage rates to the owner of land (including vacant land) where wastewater services are available for connection.
Utility services (i.e water closets, pedestals, slophoppers, U.R.C) are made against the owner or occupier of the land to which the services are available or supplied.

Bin Service Form
2016/17 Utility Service Charges (per annum)

  • Pedestals                $372.00
  • Water Closets          $372.00
  • Slophoppers            $372.00
  • U.R.C                     $372.00                   

State Government legislation requires Council to conduct inspections of all private swimming pools and outdoor spa bath enclosures every four years.
2016/17 Swimming Pool / Outdoor Spa inspection fee
Swimming Pool Levy $31.00 incl. GST
The annual inspection fee for this service will be charged at $31.00 per annum (incl. GST) for each registered pool/outdoor spa enclosure.  This annual fee is designed to recover the cost of all inspections over a four year cycle.
Across Western Australia there are times when burning is either restricted or prohibited by law. This is to ensure that burning to control fire hazards is conducted with the minimum of delay.
Under the Bushfires Act 1954
·  All vacant blocks are to be cleared of all rubbish and dry vegetation by 1 November each year.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that this is done. Owners of any blocks of vacant land that are not cleared in accordance with the Act may incur a penalty and be liable for the cost to clearing the block of land.
·  All dwellings have to be clear of dried or overgrown vegetation. The owner of any property has to comply with the order issued within the specified time or the City will have the work undertaken at the expense of the property owner.
NOTE: Section 33 Part 8 of the Bust Fires Act 1954 allows the City to charge debts against the land until they are paid in full when the City is required to act in default of an owner. For further information please refer to our website:  www.ckb.wa.gov.au
Payment Option 1 – to be eligible for cash prizes, rates must be paid in full by the cash prize due date. (Thanks to our major sponsors, Bankwest and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder).   Otherwise, if rates are paid in full by due date of 7 October 2015, you will be eligible to win one of our non-cash prizes.  
Payment Option 2 & Option 3 – to be eligible for prizes, instalment amounts must be fully paid by their instalment due date.   (Thanks to our major sponsors Railway Quality Inn Motel and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder).
In order to be eligible for any rates prize, rates must be paid in full by the due date for that payment option. All winners are randomly selected via a computer program and will be notified in writing.
*Some terms and conditions may apply.

The first instalment must be paid by 7 October 2015, regardless of which option you choose or you forfeit the right to pay by instalments. Interest at the rate of 5% per annum and an administrative charge of $7 per instalment, excluding the first payment will apply to Instalment Options 2 and 3.
Option 1 - 1 Instalment
Single Instalment due:       7 October 2015
Option 2 - 2 Instalments
1st Instalment due:            7 October 2015
2nd Instalment due:           9 December 2015
Option 3 - 4 Instalments
1st Instalment due:             7 October 2015
2nd Instalment due:            9 December 2015
3rd Instalment due:            10 February 2016
4th Instalment due:             13 April 2016
Option 4 - Special Payment Arrangement (SPA)
This option allows ratepayers to pay under a periodic weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit payment arrangement.   Your payments are calculated based on a final payment date on or before 30/06/2017.  A $35.50* administration charge per property applies and penalty interest of 10% per annum will accrue daily on the balance of the overdue account until fully paid.

  1. Call Rates on 08 9021 9654 or email rates@ckb.wa.gov.au so we can calculate your periodic   payment amount.
  2. Download the Direct Debit Authority Form and return to our office before the due date, 7 October 2015.

Failure to make payments of any of the above options may result in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder taking legal action without further notice.
*The $35 administration fee is waived for Concessional Pension card holders.
UPDATING CONTACT DETAILS - Contact us and provide us with your new contact details if you have:

  • Change of Address - There is an obligation for property owners to ensure that the City has the correct postal address for the service of notices. If the mailing address on your notice is incorrect you need to let us know in writing so we can update our records.
  • Sold your Property - When a person sells or disposes of land, the owner or agent must advise the City in writing within 21 days of the change in ownership, giving full details of the purchaser and the date of the transfer of land.
  • Purchased a Property - As a new property owner you are obligated to advise us of the correct postal address for the service of rate notices.

Find out what your payment options are for your City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder rates, including online banking, postal, telephone and in-person payments, as well as internet credit card payments
To receive a rebate on your Rates and Emergency Service Levy you must, as at 1 July of the current financial year, be the owner/occupier or have a right to reside at the property under the terms of a Will and occupy the property as your “ordinary place of residence”.

  • Senior card – up to 25% rebate*
  • Senior card & Commonwealth Senior Health card – up to 50% rebate
  • Pensioner Concession card or State Concession card – up to 50% rebate

* This rebate will be limited to a capped value set annually by the Office of State Revenue, and the deferment option will NOT be available.
Full payment of rubbish and service charges are required each financial year.  These charges are not eligible for a concessional rebate or to be deferred under the Rebate and Deferments Act 1992.
If you are the holder of a pensioner card and not able to pay your Rates and Emergency Service Levy (ESL) charges you may be eligible to defer these payments against your property. You can Contact us or ring 08 90219654 to discuss what options may be available to you. If you choose to defer your rates and ESL charges you will not be eligible for any type of rebate.

If you are unable to pay your rates and charges by the Final Notice due date, Council’s Debt Recovery Policy CORP-F-002 Rates Recovery  will be invoked immediately.  The full outstanding amount may be recovered by Civil Proceeding in the Court (i.e.  by Issuing General Procedure Claim and Property Seizure and Sale Orders if required).  All related legal charges will be on charged to the ratepayer. 
Only full payment or a suitable payment arrangement will stop legal proceedings.
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder uses both Gross Rental Valuations and Unimproved Valuations in the calculation of rates. To allow for more equitable distribution of the total rate burden, a minimum rate is applied. A minimum rate will be set for properties assessed on both the Gross Rental Valuation formula and the Unimproved Valuation formula.
Your property valuation has been determined by Landgate, who is an independent agent of the WA State Government.
A property owner may lodge an objection against the valuation of a property within 60 days of the issue date of the annual Rate Notice. It is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1995 that objections can only be accepted from the owner of the property or an authorised agent. Only one objection in respect to any one valuation may be made during any one period of 12 months.
Rates must be paid in full or an instalment offer taken up in order to satisfy the payment options whilst awaiting the outcome of an objection. An objection to your valuation must be made by downloading Objection to Valuation Form and lodging it with The Valuer General, PO Box 2222, MIDLAND WA 2222 or email vs@landgate.wa.gov.au 
If you have any concerns over how to lodge an objection, please contact Valuation Services on 08 9273 7373.


The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has introduced eRates, where you can now have your rates notice conveniently sent to your nominated email address.
Things to be aware of before applying:
By submitting an application you are cancelling the delivery of a paper account and authorising an electronic copy to be sent to the nominated email address.
If you change your email address please let us know by emailing mailbag@ckb.wa.gov.au

If you wish to cancel this service and revert back to a paper copy version, click on the link Unsubscribe

We encourage your feedback. If you have a concern or comment about any aspects of our service, we encourage you to resolve the matter by contacting us. We will carefully listen to your concern and do our best to resolve any issues regarding services and delivery.


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Phone:                 08 9021 9600
Facsimile:             08 9021 6113
E-mail:                  mailbag@ckb.wa.gov.au
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