COVID-19 Information for Businesses

COVID-19 Information for Businesses

Phase 2 - Easing of Restrictions

Following the Premier's announcement on 11 May 2020 and subsequent information from the Department of Health, Western Australia will enter Phase 2 easing of restrictions from Monday, 18 May 2020, which will allow some local businesses to reopen. 
What does this mean for my business?
All local businesses must follow the following guidelines:
  • Ensure there is at least 4 square meters of floor space per patron in the dining area/premises, up to a maximum of 20 patrons. Patrons should practice social distancing by keeping 1.5 meters from patrons from other households;
  • Businesses must have a COVID Safety Plan before they reopen;
  • The hospitality industry needs to ensure that all staff have accomplished COVID-19 hygiene training course before they re-open;
Recommended practices include:
  • Encouraging cashless payments to reduce direct contact between customers and employees;
  • Practice good personal hygiene and hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly or using sanitizer;
  • Continue practicing good cough etiquitte and do not come to work if you are feeling unwell.
For Food Businesses

Dine-in & Alfresco Dining

The total number of customers at restaurants, cafes and pubs, including alfresco dining areas, must not exceed 20 patrons, regardless of whether there are any segregated spaces within the venue.

Pubs, hotels and restaurants are permitted to open to provide table services meals. Alcoholic beverages may be served ancillary to a meal, and each venue must have a COVID Safety Plan.

Food Premises can have people waiting to collect takeaway food and beverages, as long as patrons waiting to collect takeaway food are waiting outside the venue if there are already 20 people inside the venue.

A food van can operate for takeaway purposes only.

Please ensure:
  • Premises, equipment, fixtures, fittings, appliances, food contact surfaces are clean and hygiene as per the food standards code and legislative requirements before reopening for dine-in.
  • Good hygiene and food safety practices are in place as per the Food Standards Code.
  • Food is safe and suitable for consumption.
  • Stock is rotated appropriately.
  • Use of “single use” items is adhered to.
  • Mitigate any potential contamination and/or cross-contamination appropriately.
  • High-risk food and ready to eat food is prepared, stored and served under temperature control measures, otherwise the 2 and 4 hour rules must be in place, and  temperatures logs must be regularly maintained.
  • All staff have completed COVID-19 hygiene training course before re-opening.

Hygiene Requirements for Hospitality Businesses

Hospitality venues must have a COVID Safety Plan available for inspection by authorising officers. Businesses will be required to display the certificate for customers to view.

The State Government, in partnership with the Australian Hotel Association (AHA), has rolled-out an Australian-first COVID-19 hygiene course to help WA hospitality workers prepare for their return to work.

Hospitality workers must complete the online training course before they return to work. 

The course covers:
  • Understanding COVID-19 and venue restrictions 
  • Reporting personal health issues
  • Maintaining personal abd work enviroment hygiene practices
  • Reducing cross contamination through procedures 
  • effective cleaning and santising practices
The course is two-tiered, with all staff required to successfully complete the first part, and managers and supervisors required to complete the second, more advanced aspect. Every venue must have a staff member with the more advanced accreditation on shift at all times as the venue’s dedicated hygiene officer.
For Public Buildings
Religion, places of worship (Church), ceremonies and funerals:
Up to 20 attendees are permitted at indoor weddings/funerals,  up to 30 attendees are permitted at outdoor weddings/funerals. Social distancing and 4 square meters of floor space per person must be adhered to. 

Senior’s Centres, Community Centres, Community Halls, Indoor Community Sport Centre, Sporting Clubs, Gyms:
These premises are permitted to reopen to public, with a 20 patron limit. There must be at least 4 square metres of floor space per patron and social distancing to be followed. Non-contact training for sports that would ordinarily involve contact (e.g. hockey, basketball, football, soccer and netball) is allowed and conditioned to minimal equipment sharing and that must be cleaned frequently between each class, session or use. Gyms can open only for group fitness training/class,  you cannot use any gym machines for example,  Pilates reformers, weight machines, exercise bicycles, rowing machines, and treadmills.

The playing of contact sports remains a prohibited activity.

Where a community premises has multiple facilities, there can be up to 20 customers in each facility (e.g. 20 patrons in group fitness room, and 20 patrons in youth center, 20 patrons in library), as long as there is at least 4 square meters for each customer in the relevant facility.

Please ensure:
  • Your business has a certificate of approval and COVID Safety Plans available for inspection by authorising officers;
  • Exits, entrances, gangways, passages, stairways and aisles are clear of obstructions;
  • Roads, thoroughfares, lanes, rights of way or land abutting exits/entrances are clear of obstructions;
  • Doors are not locked when the building in use;
  • All exits are signed and illuminated, doors that are not exits must display a sign that reads ‘NO ESCAPE’;
  • Exits adjacent to road, thoroughfare, lane, passageway or right of way are signed internally ‘EMERGENCY EXIT’;
  • External entrance/exit areas to buildings during night use must be illuminated;
  • Amenities must be gender signed, cleaned, maintained and illuminated during darkness;
  • Fire prevention must be in place, fire extinguishers/equipment and telephones must be maintained and serviced recently.
For Aquatic Facilities
All swimming pools may now open in a limited capacity.

This includes pools that are part of resorts, accommodation, caravan parks, hotels, retirement villages, swim schools and any other type of indoor or outdoor pool. They are restricted to a maximum of 20 patrons per pool, which is also subject to one person per 4 square meters. Change rooms remain closed, but toilets are to remain open.

Permitted venues with multiple pools can only open a maximum of one indoor and one outdoor pool at a time, each with a maximum of 20 patrons, including both spectators and swimmers.

Start-up sampling for aquatic facilities

Before arranging start-up microbiological sampling, the pool owner/operator must ensure that water chemistry and an approved treatment system (including design flow rate) are operating in compliance with the Code of Practice for the design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of aquatic facilities January 2020 

Satisfactory, microbiological sample results remain valid for no more than 30 days from the date of collection and only where the above parameters have been continuously maintained. 
What is a COVID Safety Plan?
Prior to reopening on the 18th May 2020, the WA Premier has announced that all businesses across Western Australia will need to prepare a COVID Safety Plan and have it available for inspection by authorising officers.

The WA Government has developed a suit of COVID Safety Plan templates and guidelines to assist businesses with this process.

You can access these resources here:

COVID Safety Plan and Guidelines for Food Businesses
COVID Safety Plan and Guidelines for Sport and Recreation Venues
COVID Safety Plan and Guidelines for Business and Industry

Should my business have a COVID Safety Plan?

If there is uncertainty over whether a business should complete a COVID Safety Plan, it is recommended that the generic Safety Plan is completed if a business impacted by restrictions intends to open from the 18 May 2020, in accordance with Phase 2 easing of restrictions.
You can find out more about the COVID Safety Plans here.