Hannan Street Footpath Upgrade–Parking Update

Hannan Street Footpath Upgrade – Parking Update

Hannan Street Footpath Upgrade–Parking Update The Hannan Street Footpath Upgrade is progressing with the implementation of the Main Roads WA’s approved Traffic Management Plan.

The City previously advised the community and business owners through face-to-face consultation and information on www.ckbuneathed.com.au that an estimated 20 parking bays would be impacted at any one time to allow for the works.

In accordance with the approved Traffic Management Plan, parking bays between Maritana and Cassidy Streets have been cordoned off to ensure the safest possible working area for the contractor, pedestrians and vehicle users.

City officers have already been proactively communicating with businesses in the affected area today to ensure they understand these changes.

The City will continue to work with Main Roads WA and its contractor to reduce the impact on parking in the area.  In the meanwhile, the City wishes to advise that over the next two to three weeks there may be temporary barriers in place.  However, access to shops and other premises will be facilitated appropriately. 

The City hopes the community shares in the excitement of these much needed revitalisation works to the CBD.  As the project continues, there may be variables that are outside of the
City’s control, however, these will be communicated to residents and businesses as they evolve.

For more information or if you have any questions about the Hannan Street Footpath Upgrade please go to www.ckbunearthed.com.au or email us at Hannan.comms@ckb.wa.gov.au
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