Waterwise Town and Council

Waterwise Town and Council

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a long history of implementing water conserving initiatives throughout the City.
Waterwise Town
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder joined the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Towns Program in June 2019 in a joint initiative that is set to help the community save millions of litres of drinking water.
The program will provide the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community with a number of strategies and tools to encourage and support them to achieve a sustainable reduction in water use.

This will include a targeted education program to show residents how to get the most out of their smart meters installed in homes in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, as well as a free showerhead swap program. The Water Corporation predicts the Waterwise Towns Program will save up to 190 million litres of water over three years - that is equivalent to 4,523 backyard swimming pools.
Waterwise Council
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was officially awarded Waterwise Council status on 28 July 2014. This accreditation is used by the Water Corporation and the Department of Water to recognise local governments that make significant reductions in water consumption and commit to continually monitor and improve water use behaviour. This is an ongoing process and will see the City’s water consumption reduce further over time.

Examples of water-saving initiatives already implemented by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder include:
  • Using treated effluent water to irrigate parks, reserves, gardens and the golf course
  • Implementing an efficient watering schedule for parks and reserves still using scheme water
  • Detected and fixed a number of significant leaks across the City
  • Waterless urinals installed at the Airport, Community Centre and Administration Building
  • Water saving fittings installed on taps and showerheads at facilities across the City
The City is looking to implement future water saving initiatives, and aims to be a leader in sustainable water use. 
Waterwise Treatment Plant
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder owns and operates the Wastewater Treatment Plant located in South Boulder. This facility collects all of the residential wastewater generated in the City and treats it to create a reusable product. 

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Gold Waterwise Business - Goldfields Oasis Recreation Centre
The Water Corporation recognised Goldfields Oasis Recreation Centre as a Gold Waterwise Business in June 2019, for achieving a significant improvement in water use.

As water is core to the Goldfields Oasis business, using water wisely is a key focus.  Water use is monitored daily with the installation of sub meters enabling high water using areas to be monitored.  This has led to the discovery of six significant water leaks. Without access to a bore the centre relies on scheme water for irrigation, so a weather based irrigation controller has been installed to ensure water is used only when it is needed. So far they have saved over 48,000kL.

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