Access and Inclusion Plan

Access and Inclusion Plan

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a diverse community with a wide range of needs, and the City is committed to fostering independence for those of all abilities, ensuring everybody can engage in everyday services as well as actively participating in the fantastic opportunities the City offers.

The aim of this Access and Inclusion Plan is to ensure services and facilities can be made more open, inclusive and accessible for everyone, and we have reached out to all sectors of the community to make sure everyone has had the opportunity to provide meaningful input into the direction for the new Plan, which aims to incorporate contemporary practises that exceed minimum compliance requirements.

As a City, we aim to provide public spaces that facilitate a diverse range of activities and strengthen social bonds within the community, and deliver the community better connectivity with the rest of Australia and the world. This Plan will guide us on our way forward to delivering access and inclusion for all.
Access and Inclusion Statement
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is committed to building an accessible and inclusive community for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The Plan will foster equality throughout the organisation and broader community.

The City’s AIP complies with and expands on the seven required DAIP outcome areas under the Disability Services Act 1993. This document expands on each outcome, and can be downloaded from
Planning for Better Access and Inclusion
The findings from the previous mentioned development initiatives, informed the seven (7) Outcomes the City strive to achieve between 2021-26.

These are:
Outcome One: City events, communications and services will be accessible to all community members.
Outcome Two: City buildings and facilities will be accessible to all community members.
Outcome Three: City information will be accessible to all community members.
Outcome Four: All community members to receive the same level and quality of service from the staff at the City
Outcome Five: All community members will have the same opportunities to make complaints to the City.
Outcome Six: All community members have an opportunity to participate in all public consultation conducted by the City.
Outcome Seven: All community members are encouraged to pursue employment opportunities within the City.

Under the Disability Services Act 1993, public authorities must include information surrounding the implementation and progress of an Access and Inclusion Plan, in their annual report. The City will also provide an annual progress report to the Department of Communities.
Access and Inclusion Plan

Thank you to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community for shaping our 2021-26 Access and Inclusion Plan. The Plan is now available for download via the quicklinks tab, hardcopies are made available by request please contact (08) 9021 9600, email: or PO Box 2042, Boulder WA 6432.