SEGRA 2021

SEGRA 2021

Join us for SEGRA 2021 in Kalgoorlie-Boulder!
Australia’s leading National Conference for Sustainable Economic Growth in Regional Australia (SEGRA), will be held in Kalgoorlie-Boulder between 16 - 18 November 2021. 

This annual event highlights trends and opportunities affecting regional Australia as well as showcasing examples of successful regional initiatives from government, business, social ventures and the community.

This year’s theme is Unearthing diversification and adapting to a new tomorrow.

Multiple high calibre speakers are anticipated to attend the 2021 SEGRA conference. SEGRA will therefore support economic development, investment and capacity building for local business, industry and professionals both in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and across the Goldfields-Esperance region.
Local residents and businesses can obtain a 25% discount using the promotional code SEG21DPO and entering “local resident discount” in the comments field. 
Cancellation Policy
Delegates are referred to the ACCC COVID-19 virus sheet Information for Consumers.
All cancellations must be made in writing to the SEGRA Registrations Officer.

Registration Cancellations brought directly about by COVID-19 related are:
  • cancellations of public transport services to City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder including commercial flights;
  • border closures by National, State or Territory authorities;
  • closure of accommodation lodging at City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and environs due to COVID-19 restrictions;
  • COVID-19 positive illness (a medical certificate is required); and
  • quarantine restrictions,

Delegates will be provided with a full refund of conference registration fees (excluding functions) for COVID-19 related cancellations for applications received up to and including 9 November 2021. Delegates will be given access to all recorded conference presentations in the event that they cannot attend the conference in person. COVID-19 related cancellations will be reviewed by the SEGRA Registrations Officer for validity.

Cancellations made for any reason other than COVID-19 related cancellations (set out above) before 1 November 2021 incur a 25% penalty. There will be no refunds after this date.
Cancellations after 1 November 2021 under special circumstances may be considered by the SEGRA Registrations Officer.

Substitute delegates are welcome, however the SEGRA Registrations Officer must be advised in writing of any substitute delegates who will be attending.
Sharing of registration with other parties is not permitted.
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