Home businesses

Home businesses

Starting a home business? Great!

Home offices do not require approval from the City, however, home occupations and home businesses do.

To find out how these categories are defined, please download our Home offices, home occupations and home businesses policy, which provides:
  •  Criteria for each type of home-based business
  •  Advertising requirements
  •  Approvals process
  • Please also download and complete a proposal to carry out a home office, home occupation or home business form, to apply for a home business or home occupation.
If your require signage for your home occupation or business, for approval is required from the City. Please download and submit a Control of advertisements form to apply for signage approval.

Family day care

Family day care is any child care service provided in a private dwelling in a family environment.

Planning approval is required for family day care proposed to be carried out in:
  •  Single dwelling on a battle axe lot
  •  Dwelling that is part of a strata lot
  •  Dwelling that is part of a unit development.
  • Family day care carried out in single dwellings not on battle axe lots, do not require planning approval