125th Celebrations of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

125th Celebrations of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Message from the Mayor

“I am extremely proud of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s rich history.  From honouring our traditional land owners to celebrating the pioneers that created our City – the opportunities to make our forefathers proud is endless.

Whether you are a local or visitor, I encourage you all to take advantage of the wonderful events, hosted by the City and other local organisations, and join in to commemorate the 125th year since the discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.”

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor John Bowler

125th Celebrations of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

In June 1893, Patrick Hannan, Thomas Flanagan and Dan Shea's lucrative discovery of gold, at the foot of Mt Charlotte Kalgoorlie, began one of the biggest gold rushes in Australian history.  Working in secret, these three prospectors won the equivalent to several years wages in the space of a week.  The news of this gold find broke, causing intense excitement and nearly the entire population of Coolgardie packed up to move to the new find.  

A few weeks later, William Brookman and Samuel Pearce arrived at the new rush.  Disappointed to learn that the ground was already pegged out, they decided to look at a range of small hills to the south.  The pair, who were acting on behalf of the South Australian Syndicate backed by Brookman’s brother George, discovered gold at what was to become the famous Ivanhoe lease. While Brookman was in Coolgardie registering the lease, Pearce discovered gold further to the east which they pegged and named the Great Boulder.

During the following months, Brookman and Pearce pegged, registered or acquired 17 leases for the syndicate and it was soon to be known as the “Golden Mile”, and believed to be the richest square mile of gold reserve in the world.

Since the discovery, our region has continued to grow and become a significant contributor to the State of Western Australia and our national economy.  2018 marks 125 years since the gold discovery that sparked the Kalgoorlie-Boulder gold rush.

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has committed to a year-long celebration in honour of this momentous occasion.  2018 will witness a program of nationally significant events and activities.  The City, in partnership with our community, will mark this milestone by hosting some extraordinary events for everyone to enjoy.  The City will also partner with organisations to make planned events even bigger and better under the banner of the 125th celebrations. 

The month of June will be notably significant as the community celebrates the very first gold nugget find by Hannan, Flanagan and Shea, which was discovered on 14th June and registered on 17th June.  So get yourselves set for spectacular sporting, musical and arts and cultural events.

For all enquiries regarding the 125th Celebrations, please contact Celebrate.125@ckb.wa.gov.au

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