Community Grant Program

Community Grant Program

The Community Grant Program (CGP) allows not-for-profit community groups or outstanding individuals to receive funding for specific events and projects.

The CGP consists of three grant categories:

  • Community Group Grants;
    • Under $10,000 approved by City Officers
    • Over $10,000 approved by Council
  • Outstanding Individuals Grants (OIG);
  • Application to Waive Hire Fees of City Facilities and Venues.

Applications are assessed throughout the year and applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss project ideas before submission. Applications must meet the criteria listed in the Community Assistance Scheme (CAS) Guidelines, and submitted at least four weeks prior to the event or project.

For more information on the Community Grants Program, download the Community Assistance Scheme (CAS) Guidelines, or contact the City Living Team on 9021 9600 or