Information for Artists

Information for Artists

Congratulations on entering the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize 2019.

It may be a daunting experience to enter an Art Prize, especially for the first time. Listed below are some suggestions and guidelines on factors to take into consideration when preparing your submission.
Hanging Requirements
2D artworks will be displayed on a suspended hanging system using cables and adjustable hanging hooks.
The Art Prize conditions of entry states “All 2D entries must be received framed, ready to hang with suitable hanging devices, such as
‘D’ rings, cord or picture wire. Artwork without acceptable hanging devices will not be accepted.”

Please note:
  • You must attach two pairs of D-rings or triangle-rings on the back of your work. Ensure that they are able to support the weight of your artwork.
  • Attach one pair of D-rings 2cm down from the top of your painting, ensuring that they are not visible above the frame.
  • Attach the second pair of D-rings approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of the way up from the bottom of the painting.
  • Thread a picture-quality cord or braided wire through the two rings, then draw quite tightly so that the wire or cord does not droop.
  • Ensure both ends of your wire or cord are knotted around the D-ring and twisted as close to the D-ring as possible.
If you are having your artwork professionally framed please provide the above information to the framer.
3D Requirements
3D works include jewellery, sculpture and textile. They will be displayed using plinths, which are sturdy columns at varying heights.

Jewellery will be displayed in a lockable glass cabinet. Please be wary of how pieces will be displayed and provide all necessary stands.
Wrap your artwork in a packing material such as Bubblewrap or Cellair that absorbs shock and provides a waterproof barrier.

Bubble wrap can damage some surfaces by transferring a pattern to paint layers and gilding. It is recommended that tissue, Tyvek
or Mylar is placed between the painting and the bubblewrap.

Avoid wrapping your artwork if any part of the artwork is still wet or uncured as packaging may become stuck to the artwork.
Ensure your artwork is clearly labelled with
the following information:
Artist Name
Artist Contact Number
When considering the price of your artwork, we recommend you take the following into consideration:
  • Use a pricing matrix which includes a reasonable hourly wage for your time, your costs to produce (materials, printing, framing);
  • The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder takes a 25% commission on all sold artwork.

Pricing is a difficult component for many artists. Under selling your work places it at a lower value. Though over pricing may put it out of reach for potential buyers.
There are a number of online articles which will assist you to determine the price for your artwork:
People's Choice Award
The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced on the final weekend of the exhibition, Friday 18 October 2019. It will be
shared on the City’s website and social media channels.

The People’s Choice Award allows one vote per person and voting can be made whilst visiting the exhibition between 21 September and 17 October 2019.

We encourage all entrants to promote their artwork and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize 2019 exhibition.
To assist you with promotion we have created a downloadable image which we encourage you to use on social