Dob in a Dirt Bike

Dob in a Dirt Bike

Dob in a Dirt Bike I receive constant complaints of dirt bike riders cutting through suburbia on their way to the bush.

As Mayor, I want to encourage people to enjoy the spectacular goldfields woodlands – they are after all one of the great natural wonders of the world – and as a stunning open space it lends itself to young people, individuals and families enjoying themselves riding in the bush.

I want to encourage people to take advantage of the bush, and go dirt bike riding, however it seems getting there is a major problem. Bikes either need to be licensed so they can be ridden on the road, or driven at least 5 kilometers out of town on a trailer before they can be ridden. The other option is for people to join the Goldfields Motorcycle Club, where you can learn and compete alongside some of the best dirt bike riders in the state. The club is always looking for new members, and this is a great option of aspiring riders.

What I am strongly opposed to is dirt bike riders stirring up dust and creating unnecessary noise as they illegally cut through town to get out to the bush. Hardly a week goes by without me getting a complaint about people, usually kids, riding them on footpaths and down laneways.

Dirt bikes and other off road vehicles, or ORV’s, are only meant to be ridden off the road, and we need to work together to ensure the safety of all drivers and riders - on and off the road.  There is no public land where off-road vehicles are permitted within the town site of the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder.  This includes drainage reserves and the unmade parts of road reserves running alongside constructed roads. 
At the moment we have a situation where people are riding them on roads and through residential areas, and these people are not only compromising their own safety, but also the safety of pedestrians and legitimate road users.  We need the community to work with the police to stop this, and there are some pretty significant incentives for people to act within the law, including having your vehicle impounded for up to 12months, or being fined up to $1000. 

The best and safest way for the police to be able to catch people riding illegally is for the community to report riders as they return to their homes. If you witness this, please make a note of their address, video them riding illegally if it’s safe for you to do so, and report it to the police so they can follow up. I’m not against people having fun, I just want to see them do it in a way that’s safe for everyone.