Kalgoorlie Counter Balance

Kalgoorlie Counter Balance

Kalgoorlie Counter Balance In times of uncertainty gold is king and that is why Kalgoorlie-Boulder is once again the place to be.  

More than ever if you want a job come here
The Goldfields city grew up amongst a rush from Victoria which was suffering a major depression in the 1890s, then Kalgoorlie boomed in the Great Depression of the 1930s and even did well in the more recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

In short, Kalgoorlie is a counter-balance to bad times; that when the rest of the world is suffering we will be unaffected or even on the ascent.

If you have a friend who has lost their job elsewhere because of the virus, and redundancies are increasing by the day, tell them to come here. With gold at record levels in Australian dollar terms, the industry needs every worker it can get.

Of course, our advantage and good luck is only in economic and business terms. We are no better or worse off as regards our exposure and danger to the current coronavirus crisis.

As mayor I am practicing social distancing, and like my fellow Councillors I have reduced my in-person meetings to a minimum and doing as much of my day-to-day work on the phone or by email. I encourage all residents to do the same.

Many in our community do not have the luxury of working from home and the essential services they maintain cannot stop.

To those amongst us I say “thank you”. You are the unsung heroes in our community, the nurses, doctors, police, ambulance drivers and firemen for whom nothing will change in coming weeks.

Even within City operations, essential duties include the maintenance of the sewerage system and the mundane but essential job of collecting rubbish, must go on.

The War Museum in the Boulder Town Hall will close for three months but the Oasis, library, airport and golf course will remain open and our Meals on Wheels service will continue.

An example of our planning is that if the contractor who manages the Yarri Road tip loses a number of operators to the virus, City staff with the relevant tickets can step in and maintain this essential service, however we have a range of contingencies in place before this would need to happen.

Life must go on and when this is all behind us we will once again want the playing fields, parks and gardens, so that work will continue through this time, though that work may not seem as critical as some of the more essential services the City provides.

Please observe all the advice from health experts and help make each other as safe as possible.

Stay safe and wash your hands!