Kalgoorlie Train Station and Great Eastern Highway Duplication

Kalgoorlie Train Station and Great Eastern Highway Duplication

Kalgoorlie Train Station and Great Eastern Highway Duplication Sometimes in politics, small things produce far more pleasing results than large projects. One such case has occurred at the Kalgoorlie Railway Station where the Minister for Transport, Rita Saffioti, visited yesterday.

Last year I wrote to the Minister calling for the installation of a television screen that would provide up to date information on the arrival of the Prospector train.

For years, one of the most frustrating aspects of train travel is when you go to the station to meet friends and relatives, and it becomes difficult finding out if the train is on time or delayed, and if so by how long.

Many is the time that you get on to the platform and ask one of the railway workers, who has little more idea than yourself of what’s happening, and you go home only to discover that as soon as you’ve left the station, the train has arrived.

There is now a screen with the up to date information available, so when you drive past the entrance to the station, you can see without even getting out of your car, what time the Prospector is due to arrive. The cost of the screen is very small, but it is providing a long needed and much sought after service to residents.

On top of that, for the tech savvy, you can also download the up to date information onto your smart phones, and this will let you know when the train is due to arrive without even leaving home.
Good on the Minister for listening to local concerns and getting the matter fixed.

I was also pleased yesterday to hear that a project to look at the long term maintenance of our wonderful Railway Station has just been completed by TransWA. Whilst the station and our uniquely long platform do not need urgent work, it is far better to plan the restoration and maintenance rather than waiting for problems to arise before carrying out works.

The Kalgoorlie Railway Station is one of the great stations of Australia, and with a long term maintenance program, its long term future is assured. Minister Saffioti is to be congratulated for making sure this planning not only takes place, but is adhered to in coming years.

During her visit yesterday, the Minister officially opened the dual carriageway into our City.

This is now a much improved entrance into Kalgoorlie-Boulder along Great Eastern Highway, so I have asked the Government in coming months can allocate funds to provide landscaping rather than some of the stark gravel that is there at the moment. I do concede that after such major works it is best to let the major engineering and earthworks settle, so hopefully that will be allowed to happen and then a beautification process will take place.

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will also play its part. We have funds that will go towards developing an entry statement that is more fitting for what is now a much improved entrance to our city, not just from a visual point of view, but more importantly from a traffic safety point of view for all of the trucks and trailers that come in from the West Kalgoorlie area no longer have to go into the opposite traffic lane to turn into a property.

The dual carriageway statement was an election promise of the McGowan Government, and in coming weeks as your Mayor I will be talking with the Government representative about a list of commitments that reflect community wishes, demands and requirements to make sure that Kalgoorlie-Boulder doesn’t miss out on our fair share of State funds. To that end, residents who may have a particular project or proposal that they would like me to raise with the Government, please contact me or one of my fellow Councillors, and your request will be relayed.