Lets Get Serious on Regional Relocation

Lets Get Serious on Regional Relocation

Lets Get Serious on Regional Relocation Over the past week or so, we have seen a strong push from the State Government encouraging West Australians looking for work to head out into the regions.

Although the main focus of this campaign seems to be supporting the need for labour in the seasonal jobs normally taken up by overseas backpackers, such as fruit picking, farm hand and tourism and hospitality work, which have been impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions, the State is missing a trick – it seems to think the only places looking for workers are the main stream tourist destinations – places like Margaret River, Exmouth and Esperance.

While it’s great that there’s a campaign highlighting the benefits of working in the regions and the diverse opportunities available – something we have been pushing for quite a while – the State needs to take the next step to encourage not just young people looking for seasonal work, but people from all walks of life, to head out to the regions to build a better life and career for themselves and their families.

There are still more than 1000 jobs available here, across all industries, for people who are keen to take that next step and relocate to Kalgoorlie-Boulder with their families. Why not? There’s jobs for full time workers, part time workers and people who want to get back into the workforce.

There will be two new childcare centres opening next year, which will make it easier for both parents to get into the workforce, and just yesterday our CEO met with Development WA about releasing more residential land to market, so there will be new housing developments for these much needed workers to live.

So what’s stopping them? Something that’s probably put the brakes on making the move to Kalgoorlie-Boulder for a few people is the wildly inaccurate portrayal of our City in the media, with Channel 9 screening reruns of this decade old series.

Kalgoorlie Cops wasn’t an accurate reflection of our City when it was filmed, and it definitely doesn’t reflect how far we’ve come over the past 10 years, focusing on the livability of our City and transforming it into a place people want to live.

Speaking to our Chamber of Commerce, our retailers have been trading at Christmas levels for the past couple of months. Everyone is busy – all you have to do is take a walk down Hannan Street on a Saturday or Sunday and experience firsthand the vibrancy and excitement of our main street. As the next phase of the Kal City Centre gets underway, it’s only going to get busier, and this is the message that we will continue to spruik to those in Perth and further afield looking for work. Come to Kalgoorlie-Boulder.