Making the Move Towards Greater Transparency

Making the Move Towards Greater Transparency

Making the Move Towards Greater Transparency As a Council, we are always working towards improving our openness and transparency about our operations and decision making process, and our next step towards this will be complete revamp of the Council’s meeting structure.

This change of structure will see us do away with the closed door All Purpose Committee meetings and ensure that all items are considered by full Council in the public domain. We will also formalise the agenda for Information Sessions, and make sure that our strategic Futures Groups are meeting regularly. 

Your Council is also working hard to make themselves more accessible to the broader community, with at least one Elected Member in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall every weekday, as well as every second Saturday, to meet with residents and discuss their concerns and ideas.

These changes are about being transparent by having all matters discussed and considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meetings, which are live streamed and open to the public, rather than in committee meetings that are taking place behind closed doors. We hope this will stimulate more discussion and debate on issues, and complement this with a greater flow of outcomes to the community being published on our social media channels.

This bold step in reviewing the way we operate aligns not only with the goals and themes of our Strategic Community Plan to utilize diverse points of view to inform the decision making process and the actions we take on behalf of the City, but has also timed in well with the current review of the Local Government Act, which has outlined a number of potential reforms.

We believe our actions in this space are helping us stay ahead of the game in terms of openness and accountability, as the proposed reforms look at legislative framework that ensures community consultation and integrated planning is a centerpiece of a local government's operations – something we are already implementing here at the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

The recent launch of CKB Unearthed, our new community engagement platform, supports this further, and at the moment we are calling for input and feedback from the community on a couple of significant issues – the new Local Planning Scheme and a review of Sunday trading.

We will continue to look at ways we can provide opportunities for genuine engagement with the community to inform our decision making process and work towards collaborative, transparent and accountable leadership, and in the meantime, I encourage you to drop in and see myself or one of the Councillors at the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, or have your say on our current projects at