October Bursting with Events

October Bursting with Events

October Bursting with Events October is the month our City will really be coming alive after COVID-19, kicking off with the annual Race Round, followed by the WA Goldfields PGA Tournament, then Diggers and Dealers and finally the Kalgoorlie Desert Race.

All this action and excitement, combined with the school holiday break, means it is the ideal time to get friends and family members from around the state out to visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder and experience what we have to offer.

The Race Round has been known as Australia’s biggest party, but with the hard border in place for the foreseeable future, and as one of the first major events coming out of the pandemic, I think it’s definitely going to be Western Australia’s biggest party. There is a full week of activities planned, including two race days, Fashions on the Field, Barefoot on the Green, a celebrity golf tournament, lawn bowls, Two Up, and of course the Calcutta’s.

The average visitor to Kalgoorlie-Boulder spends, on average, between $115 to $200 per day while they are visiting our City, not to mention the increased spend by local residents as they host family and friends, resulting in a much needed boost to our local economy.  Many of these visitors will enjoy their experience so much that they will be back again next year with their friends – be it for Race Round or another major event – and this generates a positive growth cycle that gives our local economy a wonderful boost, and raises our profile as a great place to visit.

As we look at ways to attract people to Kalgoorlie-Boulder – not only tourists and visitors, but also new residents, it’s important that we highlight the many great events and activities we take for granted living here. Whilst every event might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is definitely something on offer for just about every type of interest.

There are great sporting events, great social activities, arts and culture, an abundance of jobs and more on the way.

Your Council is working hard to make our City even more appealing, with its new child care centre and by working to make more residential land available for housing developments. Growing our population will support our local economy, and we have heard from the local Chamber of Commerce that our local retailers are trading at similar levels to Christmas, which is fantastic.