Town Pride

Town Pride

Town Pride I’m often proud to be your Mayor such as last Saturday night’s Sunset in the Soundshell Concert by celebrated artist Kasey Chambers.

A great singer and band, a wonderful balmy Goldfields night and what must have been the biggest crowd we have had to this successful series of concerts.

I’m sure every local was thrilled to hear Kasey say, “I didn’t know there were so many people in Kalgoorlie.”

I was also very proud when I received a letter in the mail from a person I have never met and from a town I had not heard of. I’ll let you read the letter because we should all share in the feeling of pride for our town.

Dear Mr. Bowler.

Ladies in our small village recently received 'care packages' sent from people in Kalgoorlie as an expression of support for us during the terrible drought we are experiencing.

It was lovely to receive a box of items that have long been off our regular shopping lists.

I realise the enormous time, effort and co-ordination that went into this truly generous gesture and would like to thank all who were involved. It was much appreciated - as much for the kind thoughts, as for the gifts.

Cumnock is a tiny village of 250 people in wheat, sheep and cattle country. There has been no wheat (or other crops) this year. Graziers have been hand-feeding for 12 months or more. Our rainfall has been about 30% of average over the last 18 months. At least we have not had the shocking fires on the coast - there is nothing to burn!

We had a huge storm two nights ago - welcome rain . . . . . but one of our young farmers lost the 200 ewe-lambs he had been hand-feeding so that he could restock when things improved. As Kalgoorlie people know - life on the land can be tough. Our General Store, Bowling Club and Pub are struggling to survive.

On the upside, people have become more aware of the strength we have in community. There has been a real effort to organise more activities, and get more people involved in those activities. We all know which of our neighbours are in difficulties, and who needs some extra help. This coming together has been great for everyone.

I would be most grateful if you would pass on our thanks to those responsible for the packages we received.
With best wishes, Pat Gilmour (a grateful recipient)