03-09 Arts and Culture Round Table

Arts and Culture Round Table

03-09 Arts and Culture Round Table The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will be hosting an Arts and Culture Round Table to get direct feedback from the community and local arts and culture group stakeholders on the City’s future direction for events and activities.
Facilitated by City CEO John Walker, the round table forum will gauge ideas and determine what support is needed to help get new events and arts and cultural projects off the ground.
Mr Walker said the whole community, key agencies and arts and culture stakeholders from Kalgoorlie-Boulder were encouraged to attend.
“We want to get a holistic overview of what the community wants and needs, how we can assist with recovery coming out of COVID and with the easing of Phase 4 restrictions, find out what support groups need to get their activities up and running again,” he said.
“This is an opportunity for the community to have their say on arts and cultural matters and for them to help guide and reinvigorate the arts and cultural scene across Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
“We will also use the information and feedback from this round table for future contingency planning, looking at how can we prepare for future incidents, and what infrastructure do we need to ensure we can maintain an arts and cultural program in the case of another situation like COVID-19.
“The feedback from the Community resilience survey regarding events and arts and cultural offerings highlight that having a vibrant arts and cultural scene contributes to people wanting to stay longer in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and that the community are keen to get out and attend events as soon as possible, and attend more events in the future,” Mr Walker said.
“It’s evident that Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents feel hopeful about the future, and we hope to be able to offer more in this space as we continue to develop our strategies regarding the attraction and retention of new residents to our City.”
The Arts and Culture Round Table will be held on Thursday 10 September at 4pm at the Museum of the Goldfields, and will be followed by an Arts Networking event from 5:30pm, which will be co-hosted by the City, Artgold and the Museum of the Goldfields.