06-09-19 “Fatberg” Costs City $10,000

“Fatberg” Costs City $10,000

06-09-19 “Fatberg” Costs City $10,000 A “fatberg” of solidified cooking oil and fat in a residential sewage line has cost the City at least $10,000 in unblocking, cleaning and preventative maintenance this week.
Fatbergs are caused by people tipping liquid fats and cooking oils down the drain, where it solidifies and causes sewage line blockages.
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said the ongoing cost of sewage line maintenance was exacerbated by residents doing the wrong thing.
“We have ongoing issues with things like baby wipes, condoms, sanitary products, make up wipes, cotton buds and syringes being flushed down the toilet and exacerbating the blockages caused by solidified fat and oil,” he said.
“Removing a blockage and cleaning the line is a costly and time consuming exercise for our Water Services Team, and takes them away from their regular planned maintenance and upgrade work.
“This one blockage alone has cost ratepayers at least $10,000. This is not from a commercial kitchen doing the wrong thing, this is a cumulative effect of people thinking their little bit of oil doesn’t matter and just tipping it down the sink.
“The best way to get rid of fats and cooking oils to let them solidify and put them in your rubbish bin.”