13-03 City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Covid-19 Response

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Covid-19 Response

13-03 City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Covid-19 Response The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will continue to follow the advice of the WA Health Department as it responds to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic situation.
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said that the City had contingencies in place to ensure that all critical City services and facilities would remain operational if Kalgoorlie-Boulder was affected by the pandemic outbreak.
“We have a rapid response plan in place to help us ensure, wherever possible, the wellbeing of City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder staff, contractors and the broader community while continuing to service needs of the community during this rapidly evolving pandemic event,” Mr Walker said.
“This plan addresses issues that may arise during the course of a pandemic outbreak in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and how the City plans to address these to ensure continuity of key services to the community like the airport, rubbish collection and sewerage services. Some of these actions will be immediate or once off, while others will be continuous as we respond to the issues that arise.
“We have also instituted a ban on all work related travel for all City employees, as well as asking staff to quarantine themselves if they have chosen to travel.
“At this stage, the government has advised that they would prefer mass gatherings of more than 500 people do not proceed, and we are passing this information on to community groups and event coordinators, however at this stage it is still up to each organisation as to whether they proceed with their events. The City will not conduct any event in contradiction to this edict, and we will continue to monitor the government advice as it is expected to change in coming days,” he said.
“We have identified different trigger points for escalating our response, and a rapid response working group of key staff to ensure that this response is rolled out across the community.
“We will continue to share key information from the Department of Health, and any changes to service provision by the City and at all of our facilities with the community via our website and social media channels.”