18-03 CEO says Enough is Enough for Anti Social Behaviour

CEO says Enough is Enough for Anti Social Behaviour

18-03 CEO says Enough is Enough for Anti Social Behaviour City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO has called out the ongoing anti social behaviour that has been plaguing Kalgoorlie-Boulder for the past 18 months and is requesting an increased police presence in the City to help address the issue.
Mr Walker said the escalation in vandalism, property damage and harassment of people visiting and doing business in the CBD’s had reached a point where it was having a tangible negative effect on the community and economy of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
“It’s time we called out the mindless damage being done in our community by Aboriginal youths walking our streets day and night, vandalizing public and private property and harassing people going about their daily business,” he said.
“We need more police, and a genuine commitment not just from the politicians to address these issues, but also from Aboriginal leaders.  We need to see them out there, working with the police and helping to bring this problem under control.
“In the last week alone, the Goldfields Arts Centre, the Lord Forrest precinct, and the Kalgoorlie Town Hall have all sustained damage.  Under veranda lighting in Cassidy Street has been smashed, and shop windows and street furniture have been damaged.
“Shopkeepers, shoppers, Visitors Centre staff and others visiting our CBD are all being harassed, and gangs of youths run rampant along the streets, whilst public drunkenness increases.  Meanwhile, we are seeing more and more local businesses, especially in Hannan Street, closing down.
“Enough is enough. This has to stop. The City wants it stopped. Residents want it stopped. This behaviour is not just limited to the Boulder and Kalgoorlie CBD’s – it is happening in our suburbs as well. If we are all seeing the groups causing trouble, why can’t they be removed from the streets and dealt with?
“Part of my role as CEO is to protect the City’s assets, and I can’t do that if we, as a community, refuse to address the problem at hand. It is time we worked together as a community to address the petty crime and mindless vandalism we are all suffering from.”