24-03 Wet Wipes Causing Sewer Issues

Wet Wipes Causing Sewer Issues

24-03 Wet Wipes Causing Sewer Issues Residents flushing wet wipes and other non-flushable materials has caused four blockages in a week in the City’s sewer lines.
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said not only were the City’s Water Services team being called out more frequently than normal, but they had also had to increase pipe jetting at a number of sections of sewer from once a year to weekly to cope with the increased number of blockages.
“It is very clear to us that there are a number of residents who are doing the wrong thing, particularly in regards to the flushing of wet wipes. The only thing that people should be flushing down the toilet is toilet paper,” he said.
“We have a small but critical Water Services team, which runs efficiently in normal situations, but they are being put under added pressure by residents doing the wrong thing, and if one of them is affected by COVID-19, this will have flow on effects to the whole community, so we are cracking down on people doing the wrong thing.
“People need to be sensible, and there is no shortage of toilet paper in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, so there is no excuse for people flushing wet wipes.
“Removing a blockage and cleaning the line is a costly and time consuming exercise for our Water Services Team, and takes them away from their regular planned maintenance and upgrade work which ensures all residents have a safe and operational sewerage system.
“The only way to get rid of wet wipes is to put them in your rubbish bin.”