27-07 City Unearths New Engagement Platform

City Unearths New Engagement Platform

27-07 City Unearths New Engagement Platform The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is unearthing its new engagement platform, which provides community members with digital access to information and updates on key City projects and initiatives.

CKB Unearthed will be the first point of contact for people wanting to have their say on the City’s new Local Planning Scheme, and all future City projects.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said the City was excited to launch the new engagement platform with one of the biggest community consultation initiatives of recent years.

“The Local Planning Scheme had been designed to stimulate new economic activity, reinvigorate the City Centre and provide opportunities for new housing and commercial land developments, and we want to make sure the community has a clear understanding of what the changes are and how they might benefit from the new scheme,” Mr Walker said.

“It complements the Kal City Centre Project by creating new planning initiatives and development incentives to promote development that will allow people to live and work in the CBD.

“The new scheme unlocks new land outside of the existing urban catchment to facilitate industrial and downstream processing activities that support our existing local mining and business sectors.

“The new Local Planning Scheme has been a long time coming, but we are excited to launch it on the City’s new CKB Unearthed platform. CKB Unearthed uses new, leading edge technology and allows residents and stakeholders to view interactive online maps which display Scheme changes in a user-friendly system.

“You can also provide feedback to the City directly through CKB Unearthed, so it’s a simple, one stop tool – not just for the Local Planning Scheme but for all engagement opportunities,” he said.

“We have made a strategic commitment to support opportunities for commercial and industrial land, and we want to engage with the community to inform the decision making process, so we are very excited about the way this new platform can help make the process more transparent.”

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said the launch of the platform showed that the City was committed to genuine engagement with the community to help inform the Council’s decision making process.
“We want to keep our community up to date with the projects and activities that are most important to them, and CKB Unearthed provides an interactive way for the City to gather information about what the community wants, to help us make the right decisions,” Mr Walker said.
“There are lots of ideas about places, projects and activities that take place in Kalgoorlie-Boulder getting discussed out in the community, and we have created this site so residents can pass their feedback directly on to us, and directly contribute to the City’s process. The CKB Unearthed platform is a hybrid between a traditional website that shows information, and social media, which allows for public comment and debate. It provides the community with clear project timelines, especially when projects have multiple stages, so they can keep up to date with when things are happening, and it also provides a direct point of contact for each project.”
Mr Walker was keen to reinforce that while the platform would play a significant role in future community engagement, it was not the only way residents could have their say.
“Whilst CKB Unearthed is great as a one stop shop for engagement, we know there are still some people and some situations which require additional engagement, and the City will be using a combination of online, hard copy and in person engagement moving forward. Residents also have the opportunity to meet with an Elected Member in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall every day of the week to discuss any ideas or concerns they might have.”

To have your say on the new Local Planning Scheme, and other City projects, visit www.ckbunearthed.com.au.