Joint Media Statement - Jobs Forum

JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT - Joint Gold Industry Forum on COVID-19

Joint Media Statement - Jobs Forum A forum will be held next week to ensure Kalgoorlie-Boulder businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic and local families retain safe and reliable employment. Mayor John Bowler is organising the forum with local State Government member Kyle McGinn MLC.

Mayor Bowler said the aim of the event was to ensure local firms and the mining industry not only survived but prospered in coming months whilst keeping their workers safe. The forum would bring together leading contractors and supply firms and representatives of the mining industry.

Mr McGinn says the Premier Mark McGowan has been unequivocal in calling on industry, especially the resources sector, to keep every job and maintain safe workplaces for employees.

“I cannot be clearer – local employment is critical to regional towns surviving, and any work that can be done locally under the current restrictions should be kept up. Now is not the time to be reducing local workforces and prioritising FIFO workers,” said Mr McGinn.

“I would think that major mining companies in the Goldfields would be more than aware that locals, councils and the State Government stand firm on ensuring locals are employed prior to FIFO options as this is how we grow our towns.

“Now is the time for businesses to look after local communities, by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and employing locals wherever possible. Luckily both of these goals can be achieved together, particularly in the Goldfields where there is an established skilled workforce for the mining sector.”

Mr Bowler said the invite-only forum would be held at the Kalgoorlie Town Hall on Monday, April 20. He said he was particularly keen to support the Premier’s stance on reducing fly-in fly-out but still maintaining a vibrant and flourishing resources sector. That included allowing extended rosters so that there was less travel through airports which were danger zones as far as infections were concerned.

“The Prime Minister says there’s a health war in progress and an economic war and so far in the Goldfields we have done very well with the health side of things with seven confirmed infections so far, so now we need to make sure we win the economic war and that the mining industry flourishes and that that flows back into our supply and service sector,” said Mayor Bowler.

“I want to make sure local industry is protected in these times of uncertainty.”

Mr Bowler said his aim was that when the health war was over every local firm was in a strong financial position to continue to service the mining industry – locally and nationally and that more families would move to the region seeking jobs as the world started on the road to recovery.

For further information and images please contact the office of Kyle McGinn MLC or the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.