08-05 2020 Revised Meeting Schedule

2020 Revised Meeting Schedule

08-05 2020 Revised Meeting Schedule 2020 REVISED MEETING SCHEDULE
On 28 April 2020, Council endorsed the revised 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting schedule. Ordinary Council Meetings will occur on the fourth Monday of each month (except when a Public Holiday occurs) for the rest of the year until as otherwise agreed. The revised meeting dates are:

25 May
22 June
27 July
24 August
(Tues) 29 September
26 October
23 November

Meetings will commence at 7:00pm and will be conducted electronically via the online platform, Microsoft Teams. Meetings will resume at the ordinary location, the Kalgoorlie Town Hall at the corner of Wilson and Hannan Streets, when endorsed by Council.

A copy of the revised meeting date schedule is available at: ckb.wa.gov.au/councilmeetings