21-01-19 Lot 350

Way Forward Needed for Lot 350

21-01-19 Lot 350 The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is calling on the State Government to support the future growth of Kalgoorlie-Boulder by signing the lease for Lot 350.
Lot 350 is a 214hectare of land bounded by Johns Road and Great Eastern Highway on the western edge of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and the City has been working with State Government agencies over the past two years to secure a head lease over the site.
The City has been in advanced discussions with a number of proponents, who are all seeking urgent leases on Lot 350, or who are currently undertaking feasibility studies for projects on the site. Minister for Mines Bill Johnston, Minister for Lands Ben Wyatt and Premier Mark McGowan have all received briefing notes from the City outlining the significance of the project and the implications of it not going ahead.
Collectively, these projects represents hundreds of permanent residential jobs and represent between $500million and $2billion of investment into Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the State of Western Australia.
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor John Bowler will meet with Minister for Lands Ben Wyatt on Friday to discuss the lease.
“If the State Government sign the head lease for Lot 350, this should turn out to be the biggest industrial development ever on the Goldfields,” Mr Bowler said.
“The State Government was quite amazing with the speed in which they approved Lot 500, where Lynas are building their Rare Earth Processing Facility, which is a project that would not have come about without the City as a driving force behind it. I hope to impress on the Minister the need to do the same for Lot 350, as there are a number of large projects that are inter-related and dependent on each other.
“Any further delay in approval on Lot 350 could jeopardise expansion plans by KCGM, which in turn could reduce the eventual lifespan of the company’s mining operations and that would be a shame. Lynas also need more land, and are keen to expand into Lot 350. Lot 350 is also the proposed site for a number of renewable energy projects to provide power to local mining operations.
“The absence of renewable energy in the region, and the inability of Western Power to provide sufficient, cost effective power for the mining industry means that local operators such as Norton Goldfields would need to resort to diesel generators, which isn’t the preferred option,” Mr Bowler said.
“Signing the head lease would be a fantastic win for Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Goldfields, with hundreds of new jobs and a diversified economy, which ties in strongly with the State Government’s main policy of job creation.”
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said not securing the lease would put at risk a number of significant projects, including the intermodal freight hub, the freight terminal and the rail realignment project.
“The City is well advanced in its discussions with the proponents of these projects, but we have been in limbo for months waiting for a response from the Minister, with no explanation,” Mr Walker said.
“We have been working with the State on the Kalgoorlie Industrial Land Study, which is definitely welcomed by the City as we continue to work on diversifying our regional economy, but it should not hold up approval for a head lease on this land.
“The State has agreed to lease the City five hectares within Lot 350, which will be sub leased to Blue Spec Drilling, which is a great first step, but we need a decision on the rest of the site.  
“If the State doesn’t sign off on the head lease for Lot 350, projects like the freight terminal and intermodal hub, which are earmarked for Lot 350, would go ahead at the proponents’ current sites, and subsequently the rail realignment project couldn’t proceed, all of which would have permanent repercussions for the future expansion of the Super Pit.”