18-07 Oasis Gold Watersaver

Oasis Gold Waterwise Business Recognition

18-07 Oasis Gold Watersaver Operated by the City of Kalgoorlie–Boulder, the Goldfields Oasis was recognised a leading water saver amongst aquatic centres across WA, achieving gold status as part of Water Corporations Waterwise recognition program.

The four year journey to achieving gold status was reached by incremental improvements which include the implementation of a major leak detection program. Leaks were identified and repaired in the reticulation  system, the fire training centre, emergency water supply system, indoor waterslide and water playground.

Flow regulators and water efficient shower heads and taps were installed to reduce water flow rates and additional valves have been installed under the hand basins, allowing staff to turn off the water supply to an individual basin if a supply hose bursts.

These initiatives have resulted in an overall 44% saving in water consumption, water being a precious resource given the arid environment, the City is passionate about ensuring its use at the Goldfields Oasis is both efficient and effective.