After construction

After construction

Notice of completion
The builder or demolition contractor must submit a Notice of Completion to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder within 7 working days of completion of works.

This establishes the end date of the building permit for compliance, and signifies that the builder or demolition contractor is no longer responsible for the building.

Notices of Completion must be accompanied by certificates for each inspection or test that applies to the permit where applicable.
Submit a Notice of Completion in person or via email.
Occupancy Permit
If the works we for a class 2-9 structure an occupancy permit is required to be lodged with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The approved permit needs to be displayed at the premises once issued.
Certificate of construction compliance
A Certificate of Construction Compliance is issued by a registered building surveyor after a new building has been constructed. The building must pass all inspections before the surveyor can issue this certificate.

It certifies that the building is safe to occupy and complies with:
  • Certificate of Design Compliance
  • Building Permit
  • Associated plans, specifications and conditions
Request for Property Plans & Details
Property owners and builders can request for a property search to find out the age and other details of an existing property. You do not need to be an owner to apply, for limited details on a property.
Refer to our property search details document to get information on what structures are approved on a property, how much they cost and when they were approved or completed.

Property owners and Applicants can request for a property search to access plans we may have for an existing property. Owners consent is required for third parties to get access to property plans.

Please note in some cases our property files may contain limited or no approved plans.

Owners consent is required for third parties to get access to property plans.
Sewer Connection Plans (ASCONS)
These are available using our Online Maps or if available, from our administration office.

Other Property utilities connection plans – refer to the Dial Before you Dig website to access the available plans the relevant companies obtain for your property, this is a free service.