Types of applications

Types of applications

A building permit under the Building Act 2011 is essentially the same as a building licence under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960.

There are 2 different types of building permit applications:
  • Uncertified applications
  • Certified applications.
Once granted, the builder named on the building permit is responsible for constructing the building correctly.
Uncertified application for building permit
An uncertified building permit application is similar to an application under the previous system, but can only be used for single family dwellings and non-habitable buildings and structures.

In this application process, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's own building surveyor will assess the building plans and issues a Certificate of Design Compliance after the application is received.

The City will usually issue a building permit within 25 working days of an uncertified application. If more information is required before approval, the City will notify the applicant within 25 working days, and the applicant will have 21 working days to supply the information.

Uncertified applications include the following Class types;
  • Class 1A – House, Renovations & Extensions
  • Class 1B – Boarding House, Hostel etc
  • Class 10A – Shed/Garage or Carport, Patio & Pergola
  • Class 10B – Boundary Fence, retaining or Free Standing Wall or Swimming Pool
Certified application for building permit
In the certified application process, the applicant engages a private sector building surveyor to issue a Certificate of Design Compliance before applying for a building permit from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It can be made for any class of building; however a certified application is required for all class 2-9 applications.

The advantages of a certified application are:
  • Certainty of approval
  • Reduced approval times.
  • The City will usually issue a building permit within 10 working days of a certified application. If more information is required before approval, the City will notify the applicant within 10 working days, and the applicant will have 21 working days to supply the information
  • Certified applications can include all Class types, however ALL Class 2 – 9 Applications must be certified

The Building Commission website has more information on all class application types.
Certificate of design compliance
A Certificate of Design Compliance is issued by a registered building surveyor. It states that the building will comply with each building standard that applies to it.
Demolition Permit
Any person demolishing a building or part of a building/structure must ensure that they obtain a Demolition Permit prior to commencing any demolition works.

Information required on submission of demolition permit application includes:
  • Demolition Permit Application Form (available from the Building Commission website);
  • One copy of a site plan clearly indicating the building/s to be demolished and the structures to be retained;
  • If the proposed demolition works are likely to adversely affect adjoining land or buildings beyond the boundaries of the demolitions site, a Form BA20 – Notice and Request for Consent of Work Affecting Other Land – is to be completed and signed by the affected adjoining land owners (available from the Building Commission website);
  • Specific requirements are required in regards to demolition of buildings containing asbestos.
In addition, other Authorities need to be notified of the proposed demolition works. These authorities include but not limited to:

Water Corporation Ph: 13 10 39
Western Power Ph: 13 13 51
Alinta Energy Ph: 13 13 58
Telstra Ph: 1800 670 017
Worksafe Ph: 1300 307 877
Occupancy permits
An occupancy permit must be issued by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder before a completed building in Classes 2–9 (multi-dwelling, commercial and other uses) can be occupied.

It certifies that a building has been lawfully constructed and is safe to occupy and use as stated in the permit.

Without a Certificate of Construction Compliance or Certificate of Building Compliance by a registered building surveyor, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder cannot issue an occupancy permit.

An occupancy permit can be used for:
  • New buildings
  • Modifications to existing buildings
  • Buildings with an existing classification
  • Changes of a building’s use or classification
  • Registration of a strata scheme or plan of re-subdivision
  • Retrospectively authorising an unauthorised building.
  • Under the Building Act 2011, a Certificate of Classification is taken to be an occupancy permit, and buildings under construction will need an occupancy permit before they can be occupied.

An application for an occupancy permit must be accompanied by:
  • Certificate of Construction Compliance (for new buildings)
  • Certificate of Building Compliance (for existing buildings).
Building approval certificates
Building approval certificates are used when an occupancy permit is not applicable, such as for:
  • Individual houses, duplexes, terraces, and small boarding houses etc.
  • Garages, sheds, fences, walls, swimming pools etc.
  • Incidental structures.
They provide certainty that the building or structure substantially complies with current legislation, and can be used to approve previously unapproved work.

Building approval certificates are required for:
  • Registration of strata title plans
  • Retrospective authorisation of unapproved building
The process for a building approval certificate application is:
  1. The building owner engages a registered building surveyor to assess the building plans and issue a Certificate of Building Compliance
  2. The building owner submits the Certificate of Building Compliance together with the application and all required documentation
  3. If more information is required, the City will notify the applicant within 14 working days, and the applicant will have 21 working days to supply the information
  4. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will issue the building approval certificate in 10 working days.