Bin Collection

Bin Collection

Find my bin day

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder provides weekly general waste collection and a fortnightly recycling collection services to residential and commercial properties.

Both services use 240-litre mobile garbage bins (MGBs):

  •  General waste: green bin with red lid
  •  Recycling: green bin with yellow lid (bins provided before 2019 will be blue with a yellow lid)
For bulk domestic waste disposal residents can book a bulk bin or apply for a residential tip pass.
When is my bin day?
Use our Find My Bin Day link to look up your property and see what day your bins are collected.

Collection times may vary, so place your garbage and recycling bins at the kerb by 6 am on the day of collection. They must be 80 cm apart, with handles facing the property and the lid opening towards the road. Avoid placement near trees or parked cars.
What can I put in my bins?

General waste bin:

  • Non-recyclable items
  • Nappies 
  • Food scraps
  • Broken glass
  • Ceramics
  • Garden clippings

Recycling bin:

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles and containers (remove lids)
  • Paper and magazines (not shredded)
  • Cardboard (please flatten)
  • Steel and aluminium cans

Items that can’t be placed in either bin:

  • Hot ashes
  • Flammable liquids
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Solvents
  • Tyres
  • Syringes and needles
  • Timber pieces
  • Steel
  • Rubble
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Gas bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
Why wasn't my bin collected?
Bins must be out before 6 am on your collection day to avoid it being missed if there is a change of driver or route. The best time to put your bin out is the night before. Bins that are overloaded (over 70 kg) are unable to be lifted.

If your bin was out before 6 am and was not collected, please contact the City on 9021 9600.
My bin is broken, how can I get it fixed?
Damaged bins can be reported to the City on 9021 9600. If your bin cannot be repaired it will be replaced at no additional fee.
My bin is missing, what do I do?
If your bin is missing you need please download and submit a Bin Service Request Form. Please note, this document must be signed and applicable fees paid for requests to be processed. 

There is a fee of $43.50 for replacing bins in accordance with the Provision and Replacement of Mobile Garbage Bins Policy. This fee may be waived for stolen bins, provided a valid Police Incident Report Number is provided.
I moved into a new property, how do I get bins?
If you have moved into a newly built property, or an existing property that is missing its bin(s) please download and submit a Bin Service Request Form. Please note, this document must be signed and applicable fees paid for requests to be processed. 
My bin is smelly, can I get a new one?
You are responsible for cleaning and maintaining your bins. The City will not replace dirty or smelly bins. 

To prevent your bin becoming smelly:
  •  Wrap moist and perishable foods in newspaper
  •  Freeze smelly foods such as seafood until the night before collection
  •  Store your bin in a shaded area
  •  Clean your bin regularly using hot soapy water
I have trouble moving my bin, can I get help?
If you are having trouble moving your bin to and from the kerbside for collection due to permanent or temporary immobility you can apply for the disability service. As part of this service, the driver will collect your bin from your residence, take it to the truck to empty and then return it on your usual bin days.

To apply for the disability service you must make an appointment with your doctor who will determine if it is required. Your doctor will then send a letter to the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder who will advise our waste contractor Cleanaway of your name and address details. Once confirmed and approved the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder will advise you of the commencement date.