Recycling Bin Tagging

Recycling Bin Tagging

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder implements the bin tagging education program to improve recycling participation and help reduce the amount of non-recyclable items being placed in recycling bins.

City Officers have been visiting households in Kalgoorlie-Boulder to inspect recycling bins and provide bin tags. Tags give specific feedback on the content of the bin as well as general guidance on what can and cannot be placed in recycling bins.

Why are we bin tagging?
The City carries out bin tagging to provide direct feedback and education to households on the contents of their recycling bin, as well as what can and cannot be recycled.

By doing this we are clarifying which materials can actually be put in recycling bins and encouraging households to recycle right.

Recycling right means that contamination is reduced, resulting in clean recycling that can be processed, sold and made into new products.

Contamination from one recycling bin can affect a whole recycling truck load, so it is important that everyone recycles right!
Where are we bin tagging?
City Officers are bin tagging households on randomly selected streets across all suburbs of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
I received a green tag, what does this mean?
Well done! A green "thank you" tag indicates that that your recycling bin was free of non-recyclable items and that you are recycling right.

Please keep up the good work!
I received a pink tag, what does this mean?
A pink "we ask one small favour" tag indicates that your recycling bin was minorly contaminated with non-recyclable items. 

City Officers will have noted on the tag which non-recyclable items were found in your recycling bin. Non recyclable items include, but are not limited to, garden waste, food scraps, unrinsed containers, soft plastics, clothing and nappies. 

To avoid receiving a red tag please place non-recyclable items in the general waste bin in future. Clothing can also be donated to op shops and soft plastics can be recycled with the Redcycle program at Woolworths and Coles. 

I received a red tag, what does this mean?
A red tag indicates that non-recyclable items have been found in your recycling bin three times. 

Your recycling bin will not be collected this fortnight. Please remove non-recyclable items from your recycling bin for it to be collected next fortnight. 
Bin tagging in 2017 shows clear results of improved recycling performance and reduced non-recyclable items in recycling bins.


Further results will be posted once this round of bin tagging has finished.