Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

Do you require the installation of an additional property Sewer main Junction connection point?
If you are planning on cutting in a sewer junction there a few steps you will need to take:
  • You must notify the Wastewater Team via email, for approval, a minimum three weeks prior to the works being undertaken.
  • All junction cut ins must be installed by CKB appointed minor works contractor.
  • CKB appointed contractor will notify the Wastewater Team two days prior to installation.
  • On the day of installation, the contractor will contact us and we will be on site to inspect the cut in and invert. Please note: a follow up inspection may be required.
  • Contact details - 08 9021 9600 -
  • Additional property connections will be at no cost to the City.
Illegal Connections into the Main Sewer
All connections into the City's main sewer system must be registered with and inspected by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 
If a connection is found and has not been inspected and passed by the City you may be required at your own cost or the cost of the owner of the property, to have the connection exposed so a City officer can inspect the connection. 
If the connection is found to be non-compliant you or the owner will be required to have the connection fixed or re-installed to meet AS3500 standards. 
Dial before you dig
Please see the Quick Links for the Dial before you Dig website and phone number.
Reimbursement of Plumber Call Outs

If a plumber is responding to a choke/blockage at a Private Property, which is connected to the Public Sewer System, the City will reimburse a maximum of 1 hour labour plus 1 hour drain machine hire up to a maximum invoice value of $180+GST.

The 1 hour work is for the following:

  • Inspecting an Inspection Shaft
  • If Inspection Shaft holding water, attempt to clear with drain machine
  • Check upstream manhole
  • Check adjacent property Inspection Shaft
  • Notify CKB Wastewater Services staff

Costs for locating Inspection Shaft and any plumbing works upstream of the Inspection Shaft are to be to the property owner’s cost.

Approved Junction Connections
It is the homeowner/contractors responsibility to ensure all methods of connection are approved prior to installation.

Products must be pre-ordered as they are not found in store.

The City will accept the following approved methods of connection to the sewer infrastructure: 

Sewer main pipe size (mm) Type of pipe Property connection size Brand Name Model # Relevant Drawings
DN - 150 PVC DN - 100 Wang 1113856 Click Here
DN - 150 VC DN - 100 Wang 1113852 Click Here
DN - 150 PVC DN - 100 AVK 748-932-016003-01-111 Click Here
DN - 150 VC DN - 100 AVK 748-932-019003-01-111 Click Here

Prior to back fill, all works must be inspected by the City’s Water Services Team. Please call (08) 9021 9600, 48 hours prior to the requested inspection time and date.
These products are available in larger sizes.

If you would like to use an alternative device for connection and/or add to the approval list please contact Water Services at