Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

Do you require a new Sewer Junction?
Please contact Water Services via email detailing the below;
  • Reason for a new junction
  • Address
  • Location within the property
  • Timeframes
  • Type of development
Once this has been received, Water Services will review this application to see if this is applicable and possible. A cost will be sent to the applicant for payment. Once payment has been received please allow 4 weeks to install.
Unauthorised works on the City’s Sewer Main
All works on the City's sewer main must be approved by Water Services. The City with seek to recover costs to rectify any unauthorised works.
Dial before you dig
Please see the Quick Links for the Dial before you Dig website and phone number.
Reimbursement of Plumber Call Outs

If a plumber is responding to a choke/blockage at a Private Property, which is connected to the Public Sewer System, the City will reimburse a maximum of 1 hour labour plus 1 hour drain machine hire up to a maximum invoice value of $180+GST.

The 1 hour work is for the following:

  • Inspecting an Inspection Shaft
  • If Inspection Shaft holding water, attempt to clear with drain machine
  • Check upstream manhole
  • Check adjacent property Inspection Shaft
  • Notify CKB Wastewater Services staff

Costs for locating Inspection Shaft and any plumbing works upstream of the Inspection Shaft are to be to the property owner’s cost.

Locating an existing Sewer Junction
When trying to locate the property’s sewer connection  point the licensed plumber shall ensure they stay within the property boundary line and  must  excavate at least 1 metre either side of the  position and 600 mm deeper than the depth  as shown on the City’s Online Mapping Tool - Intramaps.

If you haven't been able to locate it, please contact us 08 9021 9600.

The Next Steps:
  • The plumber will need to Safely secure the excavation site, until the City can inspect the site.
  • The City will then liaise with the licensed plumber for a suitable connection point.
If a junction is subsequently located within the above limits, we may seek to recover our costs from the licensed plumber responsible for the site.