18-07 Council Endorses Lower Rate Increase at 1.8%

Council Endorses Lower Rate Increase at 1.8%

18-07 Council Endorses Lower Rate Increase at 1.8% On Monday night Council held a Special Meeting for the purpose of determining the rates in the dollar for all categories of rates that are to be imposed in the 2018/19 financial year. Council also considered the revision of the application to the Minister for Local Government to approve the levying of the rates at these levels.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said the City’s overall final budget figures allowed for the advertised rate increased to be cut by nearly half of what was previously advertised, from 3% down to 1.8%.
“When it became apparent that we could cut the proposed rates increase by nearly half without affecting operations, the City and the Council took immediate action to do this,” he said.  

“The Councillors were very focused on the fact that the City did not need to raise more money than what was needed, and throughout the budget process they have consistently pushed to restrain expenditure.”
“At the 1.8% increase, no services will be impacted, and the City will still be able to implement the new Safer Streets Patrol initiative. At the new rate, we are expecting an increased rates income of approximately $420,000 on the 2017/18 year.” 

“Of this, $350,000 will go directly to fund this new program. We know that community safety and reducing anti-social behaviour are high priorities for the residents of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and we need to ensure that we are addressing this.”