Labour Market Testing

Employers must provide evidence of recruitment efforts over the last 12 months.

The nominated position must be advertised in at least 2 advertisements on or in one or more of the following:

 (i) a recruitment website with national reach in Australia

 (ii) print media with national reach in Australia;

 (iii) radio with national reach in Australia;

 (iv) if the approved sponsor is an accredited sponsor—the approved sponsor’s website

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Other advertising requirements

Advertisements within Australia must be written in English and included the following information:

  • Title and description of the position (note: multiple positions in one advertisement are acceptable);
  • Skills or experience required for the position;
  • Salary range for the position if it is under AUD$96,400;
  • Employer/business name or name of the recruitment agency being used; and
  • Must state “full-time contract including living and working in the Goldfields DAMA region”.

Businesses must accept applications from job seekers for at least four weeks.

Terms and conditions of employment should be consistent with the Australian workplace law, and no less favourable than an Australian worker. Bringing in a Skilled Migrant is not about accessing 'cheap labour'. 

Where to advertise

There are many ways you can advertise the vacant positions, including:

  • Via a recruitment agency
  • Media channels and publications: 
    • newspapers (e.g. the West Australian newspaper, unfortunately, the Kalgoorlie Miner is not acceptable) 
    • professional and trade publications
    • industry associations’ newsletters
  • Online websites such as: 

Note: Facebook, Instagram and closed network/group advertising is not acceptable.

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