21-01-13 Face Masks Mandatory

Face Masks Mandatory at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport

21-01-13 Face Masks Mandatory Face masks are now mandatory at all Western Australian airports, including Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport, following the Airport and Transportation (Face Mask) Direction coming into force on 12 January.
Unless directed otherwise by an Authorised Officer, all people must wear a face mask at all times while they are at an airport or engaged in transport services.
This includes passengers, any person entering the airport to pick up a passenger, Taxi drivers, hire car employees or any other transport personnel. It does not include children under 12 years, people with a physical or mental illness, condition or disability which makes wearing a face mask unsuitable.
The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport does not supply masks. Passengers will be provided with a mask upon check in by individual airlines. All other people entering the terminal must provide their own mask.
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said the direction defined “airport” as including the terminal, baggage handling facility, aircraft and jetway, but not external buildings on the airport site.
“We ask the entire Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Goldfields community to please follow this directive and ensure they are wearing a face mask at all times when visiting the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport,” Mr Walker said.