Louise Anton Lights Up Morning Melodies

Published on Friday, 11 March 2022 at 1:42:56 PM

On Wednesday 23 February, The Goldfields Arts Centre welcomed pianist and songwriter Louise Anton to delight the mid-morning crowd with a candid and intimate performance highlighting her musical talent.

The spellbinding One Woman, One Piano, One Voice featured Anton’s soaring vocal range, melodic piano style, and personal stories. Renditions of classics from Nina Simone. Carole King, Billy Joel and the likes weaved with the performer’s original compositions made for an enchanting morning.

Residents Joan Osmetti and Nora Battaglia said they were really intrigued by Anton’s show.

“Being retired, mid-week shows are great,” said Nora.

Young couple, Rachael and Akhilan, were also in attendance as they had time off work during the week, an unusual occurrence.

“We try to come out and support anything that comes to the Arts Centre,” said Rachael.

Also joining in on the morning entertainment, Sharon and Jenny from GIFSA said they really enjoy the morning entertainment as it is easier to manage than evening shows.

“Jenny really enjoys music so we thought this would be a great experience for her,” said Sharon.

“The Arts Centre is well equipped for our client’s that need accessibility support, so we enjoy coming here,” said Sharon.

In an interview with Anton, she said she got into the music industry because her mum was a pianist and singer and would play the classics all the time as she was growing up.

“I just had this love for it and I always knew that is what I wanted to do,” said Anton.

She started her career at 16 when she performed on Perth’s Young Entertainers. Following this, her dad put together a PA system and drove her around Perth looking for new gigs.

“I ended up getting a gig at a restaurant called Lady Ponsonby’s,” said Anton.

From then on, she has been performing independent shows and playing her show at various arts and culture festivals.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor John Bowler said that the City is an advocate for supporting the continued growth of the arts and culture opportunities across the City.

“It’s important that variety of events, and opportunities are provided at varying times across the day to ensure that everyone has access to such great opportunities to experience the arts in Kalgoorlie-Boulder,” he said.

As well as, performing renditions of classics and contemporary music, Anton writes and records her own music. True Believer is out on iTunes or can be found at Music | louiseanton.

To find out about the other incredible performances and to book tickets head to the Goldfields Arts Centre website here: Goldfields Arts Centre - Whats On

Some experienced citizens enjoying the pre-show morning tea. 

Ladies enjoying sandwiches and cakes for morning tea. 

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