Local government elections, including the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, are held every 2 years. The next election will be held in October 2023.

12 Councillors and the Mayor are elected for overlapping 4-year terms, with 6 Councillors elected every 2 years and the Mayor every 4 years. The Mayor is elected by a City-wide popular vote and the Deputy Mayor is elected by Council. This is to ensure good governance, as the Councillors who remain in their seats provide continuity for residents and ratepayers.

Local government elections are a vital part of Western Australia's democratic system. If you would like to find out more information about local government elections and how to participate as a voter or to nominate for Council elections, please visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) website here.

Current Council

The current Council of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is composed of:

  • Mayor John Bowler (term ending 2023)
  • Deputy Mayor Glenn Wilson (term ending 2023)
  • Councillor Amy Astill (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor David Grills (term ending 2023)
  • Councillor Deborah Botica (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor John Matthew (term ending 2023)
  • Councillor Kim Eckert (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor Kirsty Dellar (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor Mandy Reidy (term ending 2023)
  • Councillor Mick McKay (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor Suzie Williams (term ending 2025)
  • Councillor Terrence Winner (term ending 2023)
  • Councillor Wayne Johnson (term ending 2023)

The 2021 Local Government Elections were conducted by a postal vote and results were declared on Saturday 16 October 2021. 

Enrolling to Vote in a Local Government Election

All eligible electors must enrol to vote. When you enrol to vote, you are enrolled for Commonwealth, State and local government elections. You can check your enrolment online.

All residents in a local government district who are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll are automatically enrolled on the corresponding local government roll. People who own or occupy property within a local government district can apply to their local government to be included on the roll as an owner/occupier, as long as they are eligible electors. A body corporate may apply to have up to two eligible electors to be included on the owner/occupier roll.

All eligible electors are allowed to vote once in any district or ward for which they are enrolled. If a person lives within one local district or ward, and owns or occupies property in a different district or ward, they may be entitled to a vote in both areas, provided they are enrolled for those addresses. For more information or to enrol as an owner/occupier, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Information for Candidates

For more information on local government elections, or to register for the candidate information session, contact the City on 9021 9600.

Attending the candidate information session does not exempt candidates from completing the compulsory online Local Government Candidate Induction, which can be found at www.dlgsc.wa.gov.au.

Electoral Gift Register

In accordance with Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder maintains an electoral gifts register.

Both candidates and donors must disclose information about any election-related gift with a value of $200 or more that was given or promised within the six-month period prior to the election day.

Electoral gifts need to be disclosed either:

  • within 3 days of nomination if the gift is received, made or promised prior to the candidates’ nomination, or
  • within 3 days of the gift being received, made or promised once the candidate has been nominated. 

Electoral gift donors are closely associated persons under the Act. Prior to accepting any electoral gifts, candidates should consider how the acceptance may affect their ability to participate in future decision-making processes.

The City’s register can be found under Quick Links on this page.

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Electoral Gift Register

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