Planning Application - P177/21: Use Not Listed (Workforce Accommodation) - Vivian Street, South Boulder

Published on Friday, 28 January 2022 at 2:39:01 PM

Planning Application Number: P177/21

Land Use: Use Not Listed (Workforce Accommodation)

Key Details:

  • A 302 person accommodation village consisting of 75 x 4 person accommodation buildings and 1 x 2 person universally accessible accommodation building.
  • 5 x Laundry buildings for use of patrons only and 1 x laundry/linen building.
  • 1 x Toilet block.
  • Dry Mess building for patrons only.
  • Administration/Store and Gymnasium building.
  • Bin Storage area.
  • Associated development such as maintenance/storage buildings and water tanks.
  • Construction of 39 on-site parking bays including 2 x ACROD bays and 54 on-street parking bays and 2 bus bays.
  • Landscaped garden areas

Closing Date: 10 February 2022

For documentation please visit CKBunearthed here.