Planning Applications

Find out what properties require planning approval from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and how the process works.

Statutory planning approvals

Land use planning in Western Australia is guided by the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has adopted the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Town Planning Scheme No. 1, 1997 (as amended) as well as several planning policies to guide planning and development in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

For more information, please visit the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.

Developments requiring planning approval

Planning Approval may be required prior to commencing or carrying out any development or use of land within the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The approval will also detail any conditions under which land or buildings can generally be used.
A wide variety of activities are classified as development, including changing the use of a premise from one activity to another. It is important for these developments to have the correct approvals from your Local Government.
Examples of the types of development that generally require Planning Approval are listed below:

  •    Ancillary Accommodation (Granny Flat)
  •    Carports and Garages
  •    Decking
  •    Front Fences
  •    Grouped Dwellings
  •    Building Envelope Modifications
  •    Signage
  •    Change of Use
  •    Retaining Walls
  •    Outbuildings (Sheds)
  •    Single Houses
  •    Warehouse
  •    Mining Activity within the Townsite Boundary

If you are unsure whether your development requires Planning Approval, please contact the City’s Planning Services on (08)9021 9600 or email

Applications for planning approval

To apply for planning approval from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, you will need to submit an application, along with plans and other details as required, and pay the prescribed fee.

A number of forms, checklists and information sheets are available which will assist with the preparation of your application. Information is constantly being added to this website and you are encouraged to come back frequently for updates.

It is strongly recommended that you contact Planning Services prior to lodging your application to make sure that you've gathered all of the information you need for your application.

Application fees and charges can be found in the City's Schedule of Fees and Charges.


Where can I find information about my property?

The City makes use of a mapping program called Intramaps which is available to the Public. If you wish to find out about your lot please look on Intramaps by following the quick link to the right of this page.

Can I have a donga/shipping container on my lot?

Yes subject to seeking planning approval. On residential properties you can have 1 donga/shipping container as long as it is screened from view, and will not impact on the amenity of surrounding properties. In industrial areas you can use dongas/shipping containers with the approval of the Council. Council do not support the use of dongas/shipping containers in the ‘Central Business,’ ‘District Business,’ and ‘Local Business’ zones.

How tall can my front fence be?

The City supports front fences up to a height of 1.8m given that they are visually permeable (see through) above the height of 1.2m.

Can I build a shed at my residential property?

If the property has a residential or mixed business zoning, then sheds can be permitted subject to obtaining planning and/or building approval.

What is the maximum size of shed I can build?

Shed’s should not exceed 10% of the properties total land area or 200m2. Sheds greater than 10% or 200m2 require a Planning Application to be submitted for approval.

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