Code of Conduct

Recent changes to the Local Government Act 1995 require the City to adopt model standards covering the recruitment and selection, performance review and termination of employment of local government Chief Executive Officers; a model code of conduct for council members, committee members and candidates; and a separate code of conduct for employees.
The Model CEO Standards, outlined in the Local Government (Administration) Amendment Regulations 2021, provides a framework for local governments to select a CEO in accordance with the principles of merit, probity, equity and transparency. A CEO’s performance review is based on the principles of fairness, integrity and impartiality; while the standards for termination convey fairness and transparency.
The purpose of the Model Code of Conduct is to guide the decisions, actions and behaviours of members, both in council and on council committees, and of candidates running for election as a council member. The Model Code Regulations (Local Government (Model Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021) provide for overarching principles to guide behaviour; behaviours which are managed by local governments; and rules of conduct breaches which are considered by the independent Local Government Standards Panel (Standards Panel) where appropriate.
Clause 11 of the Regulations provides that a person can make a complaint alleging a breach of Division 3 within one month of an alleged breach occurring. The form for submitting such a complaint is  available in the Quick Links on this page. If making a complaint, it is important to provide details of the complaint, with supporting information where feasible to do so, because the complaint will form part of the evidence considered by Council when deciding whether a breach of the Code has occurred.
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Code of Conduct for Employees sets the standard for all the City’s employees for behaviour and conduct and has been prepared in accordance with the Local Government Regulations Amendment (Employee Code of Conduct) Regulations 2021.

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