Mayor's Message

I am pleased to present the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s budget for the 2023/24 financial year and my final one as my term as Mayor comes to an end. We have successfully completed the 2022/23 financial year with a projected surplus of just over $5 million. This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to responsible financial management and the diligent efforts of our City staff.

Throughout my term as Mayor, we have steadfastly focused on ensuring any rate increases were kept to a minimum or if possible no increase at all. Everyone is currently feeling the rising costs of living, and we understand the importance of keeping the financial burden reasonable for our residents. Therefore, the rate in the dollar increase (3.97%) supporting this year’s budget equates to $65 per year for the average homeowner. This increase, alongside other income sources such as grants, will enable us to address residents’ feedback and provide the fundamental services and and deliver essential services and amenities that our community relies on daily.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to advocating on behalf of our community, seeking more investment in local projects. Our efforts to secure external funding for various initiatives will play a crucial role in delivering greater benefits to our residents while alleviating the financial burden on ratepayers. I am delighted that a significant number of the capital works projects included in this budget will be partly or fully funded by external grants, a testament to the City’s dedicated advocacy and determination in representing the interests of our community.

This year’s budget is thoughtfully directed toward essential areas, such as local roads and footpaths, community safety, family services and facilities, as well as youth infrastructure and improved lighting in parks and reserves. We are focused on investing in water initiatives to save and harvest recycled water, and will continue to support our community with important grant and sponsorship opportunities. These investments will enhance the overall well-being of our community, creating a city that is vibrant, inclusive, and thriving for generations to come.

We acknowledge the significance of rates and financial matters to our community, and we assure you that we are committed to transparently managing the City’s finances. Our goal is to ensure that every dollar is utilised effectively and responsibly to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this wonderful city. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones, faced challenges with resilience, and celebrated the spirit of unity that defines Kalgoorlie Boulder. I look forward to witnessing the continued growth and prosperity of our great city.

John Bowler
Mayor, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

2023/24 Budget

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Budget for the 2023/24 financial year was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 24 July 23.

The budget contains:

  • Statement of comprehensive income by nature or type
  • Statement of comprehensive income by program
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Rate setting statement
  • Notes to and forming part of the Budget

Budget adoption process

During the annual budget adoption process, the Mayor, Councillors, CEO, General Managers and staff meet frequently to discuss budgetary issues such as:

  • New projects
  • Ongoing projects
  • Rates
  • Grants
  • Services provided

This process begins in February, when the budget requirements of all departments are compiled over a few months.

Grant requests, such as the Annual Grant Program, are to be submitted during February and March. Deliberations takes place in June, and applicants may be invited to make a presentation to the Council.

Final adoption and public launch of the annual budget takes place in July.

Budget Highlights

$4.5 million

Kal City Centre
Competing the transformation of the Kalgoorlie CBD

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$6 million

Kingsbury Park Youth Precinct
Kingsbury Park Youth Precinct Development - including a brand-new pump track, parkour spaces, multi-purpose courts and toilet upgrades

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$1.5 million

Community Grants and Sponsorships
Community grants and sponsorships to community organisations and event organisers

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  • $12.5 million Water Harvesting initiatives to futureproof the city's wastewater and recycled water systems
  • $2.5 million Goldfields Oasis building improvements
  • $10 million Golf Course - Double Tree Hilton will provide visitor accommodation and recreation opportunities for residents and families
  • $2 million LED Lighting for Parks and Reserves as well as investment into first stage of LED streetlight upgrade
  • $1 million Upgrades for several city parks including Edwards, Loopline and Hammond Parks (fencing, furniture, irrigation and LED lighting)

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