Public events and trading

Temporary public events and public trading in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder often require approval from the City and any business intending to offer goods (but not services) for sale or hire on a street, reserve or other public place must obtain a permit.

Large public events

Event organisers are required to notify the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and obtain approval before the event is run.

Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. Approval will be considered if the following requirements are met:

  • The City must be provided a detailed site plan with details of activities, locations or exits, first aid points, toilets, etc.
  • Emergency Services shall be notified of the event
  • The City must grant approval if the noise is above a certain level eg. concert type event
  • Stage decorations and promotional material must be non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Public indemnity insurance of $20 million dollars must be taken jointly with the City.
  • Fire equipment and adequately signed fire exits must be provided.
  • Sanitary facilities must be provided in proportion to number of attendees.
  • Security and crowd controllers with portable communications equipment must be provided in proportion to the number of attendees.
  • First aid must be available and be in a conspicuous location.
  • Sharps disposal containers must be available for patrons, in addition to containers in the toilet block.
  • Water must be available free of charge or at a nominal cost.

A fee may be charged for processing your application. Please download our Concerts and Public Gatherings Fact Sheet for details on the above points.

Please download a Certificate of Electrical Compliance form, which must be signed by a qualified electrician and lodged with the City.

For more information, please also go to the Public Buildings and Mass Gatherings page on the WA Department of Health's website, which includes many resources and fact sheets such as the Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings.
The following State regulations protect the safety and wellbeing of people at concerts, expositions, fairs and festivals or other large community events.

Temporary Structures At Events

If your event requires the erection of a temporary structure or building for public use, such as staging, marquees and tents, a temporary public building permit is required.

The application needs to be lodged with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder at least 30 days before the proposed event. If a noise exemption is required, please allow at least 60 days to process the application.

As part of your temporary building application you will need to submit:

  • Form 1: Application to construct, extend or alter a public building
  • Form 2: Application for certificate of approval
  • Form 3: Application for variation of certificate of approval

Please download a certificate of structural integrity for a temporary structure/marquee, which should be filled out by the person erecting the structure or marquee.

Planning an Event

Identified a community need? Have you got some great ideas to engage with the wider Kalgoorlie-Boulder community?

Getting started:

1. Objective: Identify your objective and key measurable outcomes. Have a vision of what you’re trying to achieve – let this drive your direction.

2. Audience: Who is your event catering for? Keep this at the forefront of decision making.

3. Stakeholders: Identify stakeholders, does your event have a common association with local agencies / businesses? Get them involved.

4. Budget: Commit to a budget. Identify funding opportunities through agencies and corporate bodies. Partnerships are the key to success.

5. Marketing: Identify your brand and tailor this to audience appeal. The right marketing with capture your desired audience.

6. Contracts and suppliers: Understand what you need to produce the event and negotiate contracts with reputable suppliers who understand your requirements.

7. Environmental Health: The City’s Environmental health team will be impartial to your large scale community event success. They will inspect and provide you with a certificate of approval in order to operate. Documentation and details are required for assessment 60 days prior to your event, see below checklist:

  • Detailed site plan and layout
  • Details of fire services, emergency lighting and exit signs, location of exits.
  • Design specification and certified engineer details of any infrastructure such as marquees and tent.
  • The proposed / expected number of people attending event
  • Start date / times of the event
  • Emergency response procedures / Risk Management Plan
  • Certificate of Electrical Compliance.
  • Public Indemnity Insurance
  • Details of toilet numbers and cleaning arrangements
  • Provisions for Disabled access
  • Security and crowd control measures
  • Details of Parking and traffic management arrangements
  • First aid facilities and provisions
  • Contact details Food and beverage outlets at the event.
  • Notification of alcohol is to be provided or sold at the event
  • Waste management, how will rubbish be stored, removed or cleaned?
  • Information regarding the use of the sound / speaker systems.
  • Entertainment details
  • Key contact personnel
    • Application to construct, extend of alter a public building
    • Application for certificate of approval
    • A certificate of electrical compliance.

8. Evaluation:

  • Conduct post event surveys to measure success against identified objective.
  • Produce a post event report to assist with planning for your next event touching on all the above elements.

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